The Game Guru Goes Public

As the nation nears the end of non-conference action, the dawning of a new era in CowboyBlitz sports writing is about to obliterate the arbitrary nature of college football analyses everywhere. For the first time in this site's celebrated history, The Game Guru makes his weekly picks public.

Thoughtful yet daring, The Game Guru is not afraid to take on any of college football's most unpredictable match-ups and transform them into, well, predictable ones.

Here are his thoughts on tomorrow's biggest games:

Saturday, September 22 Predictions

Wyoming (2-1) @ Ohio (2-1)

Although the Pokes lost last weekend and didn't break 100 yards of offense until the second half, the Guru still thinks they're pretty tough. Ohio has wins against powerhouses Gardner-Webb and Louisiana-Lafayette and gave Virginia Tech a "scare" last weekend--if you can call being outscored by 21 points, having 5 total first downs, and allowing VT 359 more yards than you had a "scare".

Wyoming 24
Ohio 10

Air Force (3-0) @ BYU (1-2)

Is it okay to call this the "Guru's Upset of the Week" if I pick BYU to win? The Falcons have come from nowhere to start the season with two impressive wins against Bruin-killers Utah and pre-season conference winner TCU. BYU on the other hand outplayed said Bruins but managed to lose with nearly 700 total yards of offense, and 27 second-quarter points against Tulsa also ended in a loss?! How is that even possible? Either way, the Guru doesn't see Air Force continuing its Mountain West dominance.

BYU 35
Air Force 20

#12 South Carolina (3-0) @ #2 LSU (3-0)

While many are calling a South Carolina upset, I am calling them fools. LSU's combined score this year is 137-7. Those seven points came against Virginia Tech when I believe the starting defense decided to have a Guitar Hero II tournament on the sideline. There's no reason to be thinking Spurrier and crew can pull off anything miraculous.

LSU 38

Washington (2-1) @ UCLA (2-1)

UCLA once again underestimated a MWC conference foe (we all remember the most recent). Utah, without its starting QB, RB, or star WR dominated and nobody has quite figured out how. Washington will try to bounce back from a loss to Ohio State. This is tough to predict, and it could honestly go either way, but:

UW 16

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