Game Guru Puts Perfect Record on the Line

Despite some close calls two weeks ago, The Game Guru remains perfect in his 2007 predictions, and that doesn't bode well for Cowboys fans this Saturday. Can TCU really shut down Wyoming at home? The Game Guru thinks so--although he hates to admit it.

I took last week off because when Wyoming doesn't play, neither do I.

Actually, I had a rough night on Wednesday and didn't wake up until Sunday. Oh well, here are this week's picks:

TCU at Wyoming

I despise not taking the Pokes, but with their track record against those Ferocious Frogs, I must. This game will most likely not go smoothly for either team, and Wyoming will once again lose their MWC opener.

Game Guru's Prediction: TCU 20, Wyoming 12

San Diego State at Colorado State

CSU has another shot at breaking one of the longest losing streaks in the nation when the Aztecs come to Fort Collins this weekend. This is one of the biggest stinker games in the entire country, but I think the Rams pull through (although San Diego State's shellacking of Portland St. [who?] was convincing).

Game Guru's Prediction: CSU 31, SDSU 20

LSU vs. Florida

The returning champs face the current #1--doesn't get much better than this! Florida won the National Championship last year with their only loss coming from...Auburn! So far this year, Florida has lost to only one team: Auburn! This is a very difficult game to pick, and as I'm writing this I'm not sure who I'll take...fine, LSU--but only because the Tigers are at home.

Game Guru's Prediction: LSU 30, Florida 22

Oklahoma vs. Texas

"Colorado did what?" asked 3,000,000 college football fans around the country in unison Saturday. Don't worry, that game was as much a fluke as my friend Murley saying something smart. Oklahoma bounces back to beat the Longhorns.

Game Guru's Prediction: Oklahoma 41, Texas 35

In summary, I actually hope I'm wrong with every one of my predictions this week!

Previous Prediction Outcomes (September 22, 2007):


Game 1: Wyoming at Ohio

Predicted: Wyoming 24, Ohio 10
Actual: Wyoming 34, Ohio 33

Hmm, never in my Crystal Ball did I see anything about seven turnovers or Wyoming's kick coverage literally falling asleep on the field. I'm going to have to take that thing to the shop. Wyoming did pull out the victory regardless.

Game 2: BYU vs. Air Force

Predicted: BYU 34, AFA 20
Actual: BYU 31, AFA 6

Pretty much went as planned. I thought Air Force would've pulled out a couple late game fluff scores.

Game 3: LSU vs. South Carolina

Predicted: LSU 38, SC 3
Actual: LSU 28, SC 16

South Carolina didn't completely roll over and die, but LSU led the entire game and never looked back. They are now #1 in the polls.

Game 4: UCLA vs. Washington

Predicted: UCLA 23, Wash. 16
Actual: UCLA 44, Wash. 31

UCLA was able to rebound from Utah with a victory over the Huskies. My colleague and fellow fantasy football leaguemate, Kyle, said this pick was wrong. Well Mr. Revelli, Washington went down much like your fantasy squad will!

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