Game Guru Repents for Week 6 Mistakes

The Cowboys' 24-21 victory over TCU last week wasn't the most reassuring way to close out a tough conference foe at home, and you have to wonder how much The Game Guru's lack of faith had to do with the Pokes' fourth-quarter collapse. Wyoming fans should be feeling a bit luckier this weekend when New Mexico comes to town.

After a 4-0 start to his prediction career, the future looked bright for The Game Guru. Just fourteen short days later however, readers were left wondering whether his highly-touted prophetic powers were anything more than mere dumb luck. It will take a colossal comeback in Week Seven for The Guru to convince the thousands of ex-believers he created last weekend. Here is his chance at redemption:

October 13, 2007 Picks

New Mexico @ Wyoming

I learned my lesson going against the Cowboys at home last week. Last time Wyoming played the Lobos in Laramie, the Cowboys lost on a made Poke field goal. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. New Mexico hasn't had a loss in Laramie since 1999, but they have one coming this Saturday.

Wyoming 20, New Mexico 13

SDSU @ Utah

Picking a Utah game is like my ex-girlfriend. Impossible. Editor's note: We're not at all sure what the Guru means by this.
Which team will show up? I'm taking a real risk picking this game, but risk is my middle name. I say Utah finally shows up for a sub-par team and hands it to the Aztecs good.

Utah 38, SDSU 17

#11 Missouri @ #6 Oklahoma

Eeks! This is a frightening matchup. Both teams have showed they can dominate but the Tigers did it against a strong Nebraska team. Oklahoma has showed that they are human against Colorado. I'm taking Mizzou in this one.

Mizzou 29, Oklahoma 21

#19 Wisconsin @ Penn State

Both teams were ranked very high in the polls to begin the season and both teams fell to the Fighting Illini of Illinois. Wisconsin comes in as the favorite but I'm not convinced that they are the better team. I'll take Penn State in yet another upset. I may get fired from this job after this week. I'm going out on a limb. Hopefully it's strong enough to hold me. Penn State wins.

Penn St. 17, Wisconsin 10

Overall Record 6-2

Last Week's Picks (2-2)

Predicted: Wyoming 12, TCU 20
Actual: Wyoming 24, TCU 21

Shame on me. I don't even have an excuse for this one. Wyoming won in what should have been convincing fashion. Hopefully TCU's kicker can stay from a goal post this weekend.

Predicted: CSU 31, SDSU 20
Actual: CSU 20, SDSU 24

The woes continue for the Rams, losing to SDSU in Fort Collins. When will the agony end? Sonny Lubick's a class act. I'm starting to feel bad for him. I made this pick last week with emotion. Now I think CSU pulls the O-fer this year.

Predicted: LSU 30, Florida 22
Actual: LSU 28, Florida 24

The closest prediction I've had since I picked Appalachian State over Michigan 34-32 to start off the year! I was worried for a while, but the Tigers took care of business.

Predicted: Oklahoma 41, Texas 35
Actual: Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

Oklahoma didn't let me down as they downed Texas by a touchdown and one. I knew they'd do me proud SOONER or later.

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