Q and A with Brad Marboe

See what the Idaho linebacker prospect had to say about his decision to commit to Wyoming.

It's been more than two weeks since Idaho Falls, Idaho linebacker prospect Brad Marboe committed to play for the Pokes next season. Along with the Cowboys, Marboe had offers from Idaho State, Idaho and Montana and was being recruited by Boise State and Utah before his commitment. We caught up with him this week to ask what some of the deciding factors were in his decision.

CowboyBlitz: What were your main reasons for committing to Wyoming?
Marboe: Basically just the same stuff that I've said before: the coaches and the facilities. I knew after I made the trip. I was coming into the trip thinking I was going to go Wyoming, but once I got there, it just sealed the deal. I loved it. It was awesome.

CowboyBlitz: What is the best thing for you about the Cowboys' organization?
Marboe: Man, there's a lot of things. To single one thing out is kind of hard, but I'd probably have to say the coaches. Coach Marty English seems like an awesome coach, so I'm looking forward to playing for him.

CowboyBlitz: Boise State may have still been interested in you when you committed to Wyoming. Would an offer from the Broncos have changed things for you?
Marboe: I was still leaning toward Wyoming as number one. I was thinking about it, and I was like, "What was I waiting for?" Wyoming seemed like a good fit for me, and Wyoming wasn't always going to be there because they had a few offers out, and I could lose my scholarship. So you know, why risk it? I was just like, "Wyoming, it's for me."

CowboyBlitz: Do you feel relieved to have the decision out of the way now?
Marboe: Oh yeah, I feel like my practices have been going better and everything. it just feels like a weight has come off my shoulders. It feels really good. I'm excited.

CowboyBlitz: What are you most excited for about playing at Wyoming?
Marboe: Well, I understand that they're playing LSU and some other big-name schools over the next few years, and it will just be exciting to have a chance at all those upsets and playing in those big stadiums.

CowboyBlitz: When you committed, the Cowboys had just come off their biggest win of the season, against TCU, and were 4-1. Since your commitment, they've lost two straight conference games. Does that scare you at all?
Marboe: No, it doesn't. Their defense has been playing well, so in my mind, I feel like it's their offense that's kind of been struggling. I'm not going there, necessarily, for offense, so it hasn't affected me at all. And they'll get things going.

CowboyBlitz: After a good year recruiting in 2007, Wyoming has already recruited a lot of great defensive players for ‘08. So far the recruiting class, at least defensively, looks to be one of Joe Glenn's strongest as a coach. How excited are you to be a part of that?
Marboe: Like you said, last year was a strong year, and this year being a strong year, it's looking pretty set up. When I'm playing, it's going to be a good group. We'll have a really good defense.

CowboyBlitz: Before that, however, you still have to finish up your senior year. How is your high school team looking right now?
Marboe: The last two games, we've pitched shutouts against the conference rivals. We have our last regular season game this week, and then if we win, we're in the playoffs.

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