Scott Looking to Hold onto Starting Job

With the graduation of Billy Vinnedge, Wyoming junior Jake Scott has taken over the Cowboys' kicking duties this spring, and he's hoping to stay at the top of the depth chart even after a little freshman competition arrives in Laramie…

Jake Scott lined up a 52-yard field goal attempt and booted it into the perfectly still air of Wyoming's indoor practice facility on Saturday.

The kick drilled the center of the building's west net, landing squarely between two strips of yellow tape that designate the facility's uprights and earning Scott a high five from head coach Joe Glenn.

It was an emphatic exclamation point on an impressive kicking performance from Scott, who finished Saturday's practice session, by his own count, 18-for-24 on field goal tries.

"I've been working on…trying to make sure I make them all," Scott said. "That's the goal."

He didn't quite reach his goal on Saturday, but he came close. After missing his first try of the afternoon—a kick he said he "should have warmed up for more,"—it was fairly smooth sailing for the junior place kicker. His final boot of the day looked as if it would have been good from close to 60 yards away.

"I felt like it," he said. "Normally when I kick, I don't feel like I have much more than 55, but when I get around the team, like when the team's there, I feel like I could go a little further."

It didn't hurt that he was kicking indoors either, safely sheltered from the generally windy conditions of War Memorial Stadium.

"It's quite a bit easier," he said. "But in here, for me, it's more just to get the repetition, get the rhythm, because as long as I kick it down the middle here, then outside it's going to be in."

With the graduation of 2007 senior Billy Vinnedge, Scott is sitting at the top of the Pokes' depth chart for both place-kicking and kickoff duties, and he's been focusing on trying to sure up his form.

"It's just that muscle memory. I'm just trying to make sure it's exactly the same every kick," he said. "I really worked over the offseason on making sure that my steps were perfect and to the point where with just looking at it I could tell if I was too far, too close, so I could correct my mistakes."

He'll have all spring to make sure he clears up those mistakes before the real competition for his job arrives.

"When we come back in the fall, there's a kid, Austin (McCoy) from Florida," Scott said. "I know he's good. I know he's got a strong leg, and he'll be the kid that I really feel I'll be competing with."

Scott also mentioned that a couple other kickers will arrive in Laramie in the fall, including Eaton, Colo. native Kolten Jelden, a walk-on who Scott said "doesn't miss very often."

"I'm going to be competing just as they are," Scott said, "and I want to win."

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