Signing Day Q&A

Xavier's coaching staff will have a hard time sleeping tonight with four of their future players set to sign their letter of intent tomorrow and make their pledge to Xavier official. MusketeerReport sat down with Scout national recruiting analyst Brian Snow to talk about Xavier's 2012 class.

MR: Can you start by explaining the process for Jalen Reynolds? What happened with his LOI when he reclassified and how's that change the process for him?

BS: Basically when Jalen Reynolds did not qualify as a member of the 2011 class the Letter of Intent that he signed in November of 2010 didn't count. In essence he once again became a free agent, and he was legally able to be recruited by any other school in the country. Even with that option, Jalen felt that Xavier was the best place for him and never let any other school get involved in the recruiting process.

MR: This group is a class that has Xavier fans excited, how warranted is that excitement? And how excited should they be? In other words, what type of impact will this class have on the program?

BS: I see this class having a major impact. My sources close to the program indicate to me that Kenny Frease and Tu Holloway are both very good players who will play a lot of minutes, so part of the reason for the instant impact will be an instant need for the 2012 class to come in right away.

To me Semaj Christon could be the starter from day one. He has great size for a point guard, and talent wise brings something to the position that I am not sure Xavier has had in quite some time. Myles Davis will play early because he will be a knockdown shooter, Jalen Reynolds has the talent, size, and athleticism to play early minutes, and then James Farr could provide depth down low.

Also one thing to consider is outside of Frease and Holloway, Xavier has two kids who will have their degree at the end of the year in Brad Redford and Mark Lyons. When that is the case there is absolutely no 100 percent guarantee they will return, so there could be a lot of guard minutes available for Davis and Christon.

MR: Which one of these players will have the biggest immediate impact on the team and why?

BS: I see Christon making the biggest immediate impact. I think he is the most talented of the quartet, comes in at a position with a major hole for minutes, and also he has the athleticism and size to be college ready from day one. All of that makes for Christon being the player to watch going forward. The year at Brewster should do wonders for him, and should help Xavier have an instant impact point guard.

MR: Who has the most potential down the road?

BS:Down the road potential I will go with Jalen Reynolds. You just don't see a lot of kids who are 6-foot-9, have elite athleticism, and some skill on the offensive end. Now don't get fooled, Jalen still has a long way to go to be the player he could be, but in terms of raw natural talent and upside Jalen is the one to really watch. His upside is through the roof, and his prep coaches swear he could be like Thomas Robinson at Kansas in time.

MR: We probably know the least about James Farr, what can you tell us about his game and the path he's on progression-wise?

BS: To be perfectly honest I am not all that familiar with Farr. I know he has a good touch out to about 18 feet, is a big, has long arms, and plays hard. He is an average athlete, and needs to get stronger and tougher, but he is a somewhat skilled big who should be a rotation guy during his time at Xavier.

MR: Reynolds and Farr were somewhat under the radar when Xavier got their commitments but Davis and Christon were very public recruitments. Both guys had a lot of hype through the spring and the summer and Xavier was going head-to-head with some major programs. Does that do anything for the image of the staff/program?

BS: It is always good to win recruiting battles. Not sure it matters much who you beat or who you lose to. The bottom line is recruiting is a results oriented business. You get no more credit and no more talent on your roster if you lose out to North Carolina or Northern Kentucky. Bottom line is you have to land the best players you can regardless of who you are up against.

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