2013 Hotboard

The Hotboard is meant to give the fans an idea of which recruits Xavier is looking at in a convenient format. Recruiting situations are very fluid and this board could change rapidly. This content only represents the opinions of the MusketeerReport.com staff, and in no way represents Xavier University or their coaches.

Size:  7-8/225 |
Quick Take:Williams is an elite rebounder down low with a wide, strong frame and a non-stop motor. His work ethic and genuine toughness make him an attractive prospect. Offensively, he's continued to improve his game. The addition of a consistent jumper from 17-feet out and an improved handle to take defenders off the bounce have enhanced his ability to score, where he was already a good finisher around the basket. He's strong on the defensive end and rarely gives up any ground when defending in the post. He doesn't have great lift, but he relies on strength and positioning to compensate for his lack of bounce. Williams is top priority and Xavier is in a great spot, but there is still some work to be done with the list of schools pursuing him.
Recruiting: Xavier, Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Indiana, Wake Forest, Dayton, Cincinnati, Ohio State, USC 
Size:  6-5/185 |
Quick Take:Reed is an athletic wing with great length and a lot of room to improve. He has a good handle and has a good IQ. He's a very smart and well-mannered kid off the court as well, so that makes him very intriguing to coaches. He shoots it well from beyond the arc, but doesn't fall in love with the perimeter jumper too much. He is great at getting to either elbow and pulling up for a jumper. He can also finish with highlights when attacking the rim. He's a big-time talent and Xavier is right in the mix at the moment, but his recruitment still has time left and Harvard is high on his list as well.
Recruiting:Xavier, Harvard, St. Joseph's, Temple, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Penn State, West Virginia, VCU, LaSalle
Size:  6-4/180 |
Quick Take: Gill is a skilled shooting guard who can really score. He has a tight handle and is trying to take on more point guard duties right now with his HS team, but he's more of a two guard at the next level. He has good range on his outside jumper and has the ability to really get hot. He also possesses a nice mid-range pull-up and a soft floater that he uses a lot after beating defenders off the bounce. With enough athleticism and speed, Gill is a solid defender who gives a consistent effort on the defensive end. He's another kid with a high basketball IQ. Xavier has been in this one pretty consistently, but North Carolina will be tough to beat if they come on strong.
Recruiting: Xavier, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Miami, Oklahoma State
Size:  7-6/200 |
Quick Take: Farmer has really started to raise his stock over the last several months since the end of summer. After playing really well at the end of July, Farmer continued to impress during fall showcases and early so far this season. He's always been a physical specimen as a 6-7, 215 pound wing/forward, but now he's starting to realize some of his potential and produce. His handle and jump shot are both good enough to make him a true three at the next level, but when he goes inside and plays physical is when he becomes special as an ultimate versatility guy that can really upgrade the size. Xavier is currently in the mix for Farmer and is evaluating him more this season.
Recruiting: Xavier, Michigan State, Penn State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Dayton,
Size:  6-4/175 |
Quick Take: Chris Thomas is one of the top shooting guards nationally in the class of 2013. He's a bucket-getter at the highest level and can score from all three levels. When on offense, Thomas is always in attack mode. He has a good handle and almost awkward, slinky athleticism that seems to catch the defense off guard. On the defensive end, Thomas has the tools to become a solid defender. He still could get stronger and improve his decision making, but there's no question that he's a great talent. Xavier sits in as good of a spot as anyone right now for landing Thomas' services, but right now coaches are in wait and see mode because of his grades.
Recruiting: Xavier, Memphis, Kentucky, Tennessee, Seton Hall, Arizona
Size:  6-3/175 |
Quick Take: EC is one of the more interesting targets on the board. He has tremendous upside and has a lot of room to grow. Many see him as a point guard at the next level, and he has the handle to do so. But he can also be played on the wing as a scorer with good athleticism, good length and aggressiveness when he attacks the rim. He has all the physical tools to be a good perimeter defender, but like most high school players, he'll have to work on his focus on that end. Matthews hasn't produced consistently like he seems capable of yet, but he has shown great flashes of ability. Xavier is keeping a close eye on his development, as well as his grades.   
Recruiting:Xavier, DePaul, Penn State, Nebraska, USC, Michigan
Size:  7-10/240 |
Quick Take: There just aren't a lot of talented big men in this 2013 class. Throw in the fact that Morgan runs the court well and is pretty mobile, and it makes him even more attractive as a prospect. He's really improved his body and added a lot of strength, and it's paying dividends early in his high school season so far. He's been physically dominant on the low block, and has been a double-double machine averaging 24.3 points and 11 boards through his first few games. On the defensive end, his added strength has come with a new affection for contact underneath and he's doing a better job of holding his position. He does a good job blocking shots as well. Xavier is still evaluating Morgan, but he could end up being a great option as a big man who good upside as a true center down the road.  
Recruiting: Xavier, Dayton, Butler, Indiana, Purdue, West Virginia, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Wright State
Size:  7-9/220 |
Quick Take: Agau is slightly undersized as a post player, which is where he likely projects to at the next level, but he makes up for that with energy and athleticism. He's raw offensively, but has good touch on his jump shot. While he hasn't exactly figured out how to put the package together into an offensive skill-set yet, he scores well around the basket on dunks and tip ins. Defensively is where he really makes his presence felt as a big-time shot blocker and a rebounder. He plays with great energy and can really go up and gather rebounds with intensity and athleticism. He's raw and inexperienced, but the upside is certainly there for Agau.
Recruiting: Xavier, Nebraska, Texas, Oregon, Clemson, Tennessee
Size:  6-5/235 |
Quick Take:  Jenkins is an argument point in any recruiting guru circle. He's 6-foot-5, 235 pounds and has a high skill level, with limited athleticism. Some see him as an undersized four at the next level, while others see him as a big three. Regardless of where he plays, the bottom line is he is a matchup problem for other teams trying to defend him. He can handle, pass and shoot the basketball. He also can score around the basket and from mid-range. He will work smaller defenders in the post every chance he gets and is not afraid of using his wide frame to his advantage. He has great hands and likes to rebound. He'll need to work on his body when he gets to college and his defense will be a question as to what position he defends. Jenkins is another recruit where Xavier is in a great spot if they decide he fits what they need in the 2013 class.
Recruiting: Xavier, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Miami, George Washington, Richmond, South Carolina
Size:  7-8/190 |
Quick Take: Hunter is a name to keep an eye on out of Michigan. He has grown to about 6-foot-7, and is a a big-time athlete with an aggressive streak. He's really come on as of late and has been impressive to start his high school season. He's had all types of highlight reel dunks, has been a tough rebounder and has improved his handle a lot. While he's still somewhat raw offensively and has to improve his jumper, he is long, strong and tough. Defensively, he has great length and uses his athleticism to block shots. He's always playing hard and makes his impact felt on the glass at both ends. Xavier will be evaluating him closely going forward, and don't be surprised to potentially see them going after him as another combo forward like Tony Farmer.
Recruiting: Xavier, Michigan, Michigan State, Temple, Detroit, Duquesne, Eastern Michigan,

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