Best Buy Classic Saturday Recap

It was a full day of action Saturday at the Best Buy Classic in Chicago, as prospects were trying to make final impressions before wrapping up the spring AAU session.


Devin Williams (6-7, PF) - OBC 17s - MusketeerReport and OBC seem to be on the same travel tour, so I got another opportunity to watch the guy the staff has been going after the longest in the 2013 class. Williams had a big second half in the first game of the day, while trying to lead his team back in a game they ultimately lost to Minnesota Pump N Run in a close one. While he hasn't seen a whole lot of touches while playing with OBC this spring, Williams was getting fed often down the stretch in that game, and he delivered. While he didn't finish a lot at the rim, he did attack aggressively and get to the free-throw line, where he's always money. He finished with 21 points to lead OBC. He also created a few more scoring opportunities by dominating the offensive glass. One thing I liked about his performance today is he was catching the ball and making a quick move to the basket, which left the defender knocked back on their heels for a second and gave them no choice but to foul. There wasn't much wasted movement, opportunities to get stripped or allowing time for double-teams to come. He got position where he needed it and went to the rack quickly.

Kevin Johnson (6-1, SG) - OBC 17s - As mentioned in the MusketeerReport, Johnson has been blowing up all spring due to his play over the last two months, and Xavier is starting to enter the mix a little bit heavier in his recruitment. In the morning game, Johnson was back at it again, scoring 17 points and, as he has all spring, showing the ability to get his shot off against anyone. His elite athleticism was on full display as well, as he was getting into the passing lanes and throwing down dunks in transition. He also did a great job of pressuring Minnesota Pump N Run's point guard in the second half when OBC was trying to make a comeback. Johnson made two of three 3-point attempts, and hit another long jumper off the dribble, where he got great elevation on the pull-up. If he continues to make those jump-shots, he could end up being a big-time scorer at the next level. Unfortunately, he tweaked his ankle late in the game, and sat out the rest of the day.

Alex Etherington (6-4, SG) - Indy Elite 17s (Dakich) - Etherington continues to play well this spring, which has been a consistent theme over the last few months. The younger brother of Indiana forward Austin Etherington has a great body for a guard and is very physically developed already. He consistently finishes above the rim, and is constantly looking to drive aggressively and dunk. On Saturday he carried his Indy Elite squad with 24 points by getting into the lane and drawing contact to get to the line, or finishing with an acrobatic move around the rim. Defensively he has the strength and quickness to stay He has an offer from Kansas State and has been receiving more interest from Xavier recently. Keep an eye on this 2013 guard, as he could be on the verge of receiving some more high-major offers this summer with the impressive spring he's had.


Kelan Martin (6-6, Forward) - Indy Elite 16s - Martin is a combo-forward that is starting to look more and more like a three. He's a legit 6-6, possibly closing in on 6-7, and very thick. He has good strength and athleticism, which allows him to rebound and defend like a forward and finish around the rim. Offensively, his game is pretty versatile. On Saturday, his handle in tight spaces was really impressive, as he used it to split double teams, spin past defenders and operate in traffic when on the attack. He also bullies his way to the rim when driving or trying to power up to the hoop in traffic. The most impressive part of his performance in two games on Saturday was his consistency with his jumper. He made just about every open look from mid-range to the perimeter, and made a few more off the bounce with defenders in his face. He also displayed a nice floater in the lane that he likes to use regularly. Martin is being recruited by Coach Steele.

Malik Yarbrough (6-5, Wing) - Indy Elite 16s - Yarbrough is a wing that could play the two or the three with his size at 6-5 and possessing a strong frame. Yarbrough had several moments that really stuck out during the two games that he was evaluated in. A few of them were just really tough shots out of isolation sets, such as his turnaround fadeaway he hit from 17 feet after being jumped by a double team while spinning. The others were mostly moves in transition where he's very effective off the bounce. He's strong and likes to mix it up when there's a loose ball or an opportunity to fight for a rebound, and defensively he can guard multiple positions. Yarbrough made a big impression on Saturday, and is a name that Xavier fans should definitely watch going forward, as he is already drawing interest from the Musketeer's staff.

Sam Logwood ( 6-5, Wing) - Eric Gordon All-Stars 16s - Logwood is an intriguing talent that oozes with potential. He has incredible bounce and great explosion. What makes him so intriguing is that he's starting to use those physical tools to make plays on a regular basis. On Saturday he had two huge momentum plays on the defensive side of the court, where he came flying from out of nowhere to volleyball spike the opposition's shot. On offense, I'd like to see him become more of an impact player on a regular basis, but he's a freak in transition with his athleticism and shows flashes of his potential in the half-court when he attacks the rim. If he continues to round out his skill-set and becomes a more reliable scorer, Logwood could blow up quickly. He has some low major offers and has been hearing from Michigan State and Ohio State most recently. He said Xavier is also interested, and he has a good relationship with Coach Steele.

Bryant McIntosh (6-1, SG) - Eric Gordon All-Stars 16s - McIntosh has a pure stroke that is money from anywhere on the floor. He's got a high skill-level and has a good feel for the game, but what he brings to the court is his ability to score, so he's really a two guard and not a point. Though not a good athlete, he is quick enough and crafty enough to create space and get off his jumper. He hit multiple leaners, fadeaways, pull-ups and floaters while attacking, and his ability to shoot off the bounce is impressive. On the defensive end he gives a good effort and is fine moving laterally against most guards. The big questions regarding McIntosh's future is how much will he grow, and how much will he improve his strength and athleticism. McIntosh is visiting Xavier on Wednesday.


Hyron Edwards (5-10, PG) - Indy Elite 15s - Edwards was the most impressive prospect of the day. The young floor general is one of the rare prospects who can really score from the point position, while making everyone else on the floor better and still being a great distributor. Edwards is a blur in transition, and really explosive, with the ability to finish at the rim, despite being just 5-10 at the moment. On the defensive end, Edwards uses his superb lateral quickness and combines it with great effort to hound opposing point guards. He's also pretty well put together for a 15 year old. Edwards already has offers from Indiana and Purdue and Xavier is very interested. The hype surrounding this point guard is warranted, and he's a big reason that Indy Elite has remained undefeated through the entire spring.

Chandler White (6-1. Wing) - Indy Elite 15s - White is another big-time talent on the undefeated Indy Elite 15s squad. White is a super smooth wing with a body that is already physically impressive with wide shoulders and a strong frame. He can shoot it from three, and can score in just about any way inside of the arc. He's one of those guys that can't be hurried or pressured. He simply plays at his own pace, and is talented and skilled enough to where there's nothing you can do to change that. Although he doesn't always look like the best athlete, it seems to be more because of his smooth and relaxed style of play, as he did show some natural athleticism on two breakaway opportunities. The best part of White's game though might be his innate feel for the game and exceptional vision and skill when passing. White is receiving serious interest from Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Butler and Xavier already.

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