New 2014 Recruiting Hotboard

Here is the first edition of the MusketeerReport 2014 Hotboard. Get updated on some of Xavier's top 2014 targets and figure out who to keep an eye on heading into the July evaluation period. This content only represents the opinions of the staff, and in no way represents Xavier University or its coaches.

Size:  6-4/210 |
Quick Take:Lyle is an extremely skilled combo guard with special vision and feel for the game. He is constantly in the lane, and is just as capable of scoring it as he is of racking up assists with highlight reel no-look passes. At around 6-4 and possessing a strong build, Lyle can play all three positions, with the skill, feel and vision to run the team at the point, the scoring ability and perimeter jumper to play the two, and the size and strength to play the three. He's a high-major player and can continue to get better if he improves his jumper and increases his explosiveness as an athlete. He has offers from all the schools listed, but Coach Steele has a strong relationship with the kid and is keeping Xavier in there at the top.
Recruiting:Georgetown, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Texas, Xavier
Size:  6-3/185 |
Quick Take:Trimble is regarded as one of the top scorers in the 2014 class, and though he's a natural two guard and scorer, he's making strides towards becoming more of a lead guard that can lead the team and be a facilitator. Trimble isn't a great athlete, but he has a well-developed mid-range game and has a knack for getting his shot off. He attends Bishop O'Connell in Maryland and plays for DC Assault on the AAU circuit. His recruitment is already pretty busy, and it's only going to continue to blow up.
Recruiting:NC State, George Mason, Cincinnati, Miami, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Villanova, West Virginia, Georgetown, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Xavier
Size:  7-8/215 |
Quick Take:Bentil is an athletic and strong power forward who has solid skills. Bentil had a huge spring and looks the part of a high-major forward who can score with his back-to-the-basket, and control the glass. He could get a little more consistent with his face-up jump-shooting, but he's capable of stepping out and hitting one. He has good touch all around the paint area, and is comfortable with the ball in his hands and is a willing passer. Bentil wasn't that well known on a national level before the spring, but with his play he's already garnering big-time attention. He has wide shoulders and a solid frame with the ability to add bulk. A four-star prospect, Bentil has the upside to keep developing into a high-level player in college.
Recruiting:Syracuse, Villanova, Cincinnati, Baylor, Temple, St. Joseph's, Penn State, Xavier
Size:  6-5/185 |
Quick Take:Bluiett, who is known as a pure shooter, has made big strides when it comes to his handle and his athleticism. Formerly thought of as a thick three who may need to grow to be able to guard a four on defense because of his slow feet, Bluiett's game now resembles that of a versatile wing on offense that could easily play the two-guard. His handle and athleticism have improved tremendously, which has turned him into more than just a spot-up shooter, though he's still nearly automatic when left open from the outside. Coach Steele has a strong relationship with Bluiett and that should keep Xavier in the mix, despite interest coming from all the top Big Ten schools.
Recruiting:Indiana, Florida, Notre Dame, Purdue, Virginia, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Xavier
Size:  6-3/190 |
Quick Take:Tate has a big, strong frame that doesn't necessarily fit into a traditional basketball position, but he is too productive to dismiss as a tweener. Tate was an animal this spring scoring and rebounding like crazy in the post by using his strength, athleticism and a high-motor. He'll likely play as a power wing at the college level, and he has started to make strides with his ball-handling and shooting. Tate is also a football prospect and could potentially choose to go the gridiron route in college, but should he choose basketball, Xavier has already offered him a scholarship.
Recruiting:Purdue, Georgetown, Iowa, West Virginia, Michigan, Kent State, Akron, Dayton, Xavier
Size:  6-1/195 |
Quick Take:Though known as an elite shooter, Hatton started at point guard as an eighth grader at the varsity level, and has a tight handle with a nice crossover. He scores off the dribble well, and even uses his strength to bully defenders inside to get off short jumpers, floaters, leaners or fade-aways. He also has a good natural feel with great vision when passing. At Xavier's Team Camp recently, he showed off improved athleticism as the result of his new cross-fit workout routine that has dropped over 10 pounds off his frame. He flushed a two-handed dunk down off of two feet, which is something he had never shown before. Hatton won't ever be a top defender, but his toughness, strength and effort will make him adequate on that end. Xavier is in a great spot in this recruitment should they decide to offer.
Recruiting:Oklahoma State, Florida State, Butler, Morehead State, Wright State, Xavier
Size:  6-4/180 |
Quick Take:Booth is a combo guard with good size that can really score, but he also has the skill-level of a point guard. He can really handle it and has good enough vision as a passer. He's better on the ball as a scorer right now creating opportunities for himself, but he's developing the feel and ability to make his teammates better as well. He can shoot out to the perimeter and has a nice mid-range game. He doesn't have one aspect of his game that really jumps out, but he does a lot of things well and is a solid overall player with good upside. His father played in college and is about 6-7, so he could continue growing. The addition of Mike Pegues to the staff has Xavier in the mix, but the four-star guard has plenty of high-major interest and will likely add more interest in July.
Recruiting:Maryland, Georgetown, Villanova, Rutgers, Indiana, Ohio State, Miami, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Virginia, Indiana, Xavier
Size:  7-6/185 |
Quick Take:Edwards is a big, versatile wing that doesn't mind doing the dirty work. He can make a huge impact on the game even without putting up big point totals. He has the potential to be special, because he also has the tools to score. He plays with a high IQ, and is a really strong and willing passer. He has wide shoulders and a strong upper body, which helps him when rebounding and finishing at the rim in traffic. He can also guard multiple positions because of his length, athleticism and size. On offense, he's still at his best when slashing or scoring in transition, but he's made strides with his jump shot and as it becomes more consistent, he'll become a more consistent scorer. Purdue is rumored to be the favorite and may be tough to beat on this one.
Recruiting:Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Dayton, Xavier
Size:  7-7/260 |
Quick Take:Wideman isn't the prototypical size of a center, but his wide frame, strength and aggressive style still makes him an intriguing prospect, even at the higher levels. He's a flat-out bruiser in the post that plays a very physical brand of basketball, but what makes him special is that he's a good athlete for his size and very mobile. He's effective in pick and roll situations, and has started to improve his jumper to the point that he looks comfortable picking and popping as well. Inside, he has great hands, and he scores well with his right hand. When he gets the opportunity he will play above the rim, and his motor rarely slows down. Xavier is really strong in the big man's recruitment right now, but Purdue and Michigan are also right there.
Recruiting:Purdue, Illinois, Michigan State, Tennessee, Xavier
Size:  6-5/170 |
Quick Take: Austin is a unique talent, because unlike many 6-7 guys that are skilled, he truly is a guard. Most guys that are tall and play facing the basket get labeled as a potential guard or wing at the next level, but they often lack the complete game of a perimeter player. Austin will likely play the two and the three in college. This spring he's shown that he has good vision and is an unselfish passer. He's also shown the ability to make open shots on the perimeter. He's smooth with the ball in his hands and can bring it up the floor as a guard. He needs to become more aggressive on the offensive end, but he has the ability to become a big-time scorer at the next level and possibly beyond.
Recruiting:Cincinnati, Illinois, DePaul, Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, iowa, Butler, Miami (OH), Xavier
Size:  7-9/195 |
Quick Take: Enechyionia is a skilled power forward with a ton of upside. He burst onto the spring in December and January, after being almost completely unknown, and has continued to raise his profile on the national recruiting scene ever since. He projects to be a face up four because of his skill level, but is still capable of going inside and getting things done. He can score all the way out to the perimeter with his jumper, but has shown some ability to score with his back to the basket as well. He's a good athlete and can change the game on the defensive end with his ability to block shots and rebound. He needs to get a little tougher at times inside, but he has the size and the skill to become a face-up, scoring four with legitimate size to play and defend in the post. His high school coach coached with Mike Pegues at Bishop O' Connell.
Recruiting:Maryland, George Mason, Miami, West Virginia, Xavier
Size:  6-1/165 |
Quick Take: Newton is an absolute bucket-getter at the combo-guard position, despite the fact that he really isn't much of a shooter at all from the outside. He is one of those guys who just seem to be impossible to stay in front of when he's attacking the basket. He can get to the rim at will by predominantly driving to his right side and using his tight handle. He changes speeds well and has some craftiness when trying to maneuver off the bounce. He finishes well at the rim, and never shies away from contact. He needs to develop a jump shot, but he has the potential to be a lead scorer type of player at the next level. Newton already holds offers from big-time programs, but Ashley Howard has Xavier in the mix currently.
Recruiting:Villanova, Syracuse, Georgetown, Miami, Rutgers, St. Joe's, Temple, Xavier
Size:  7-9/210 |
Quick Take: Walker is somewhat of a late-bloomer, but he's putting things together in a hurry and is seeing his recruitment pick up as a result. He is a legit 6-foot-10 with skill, and the ability and desire to rebound the basketball. Walker can score facing the rim or with his back to the basket. He's also a good athlete, who keeps getting stronger with long arms. Like most big men, he needs to play hard and dominate consistently, but he dominated for stretches this spring and has the upside to become a big-time prospect.
Recruiting:DePaul, Massachusetts, Maryland, Miami, NC State, Xavier

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