Goodin Ready to Cut List

Taylor County PG Quentin Goodin told reporters on Thursday at the NBPA Top 100 Camp that he is ready to narrow his school list.

With the Xavier coaching staff focused on landing a point guard in the 2016 class, Taylor County’s (KY) Quentin Goodin is currently one of the Musketeers’ top targets. Thursday at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp at the University of Virginia, Goodin said he’s ready to cut down his list of schools that he’s considering.

After trimming his list to 12 in January (a list that included Xavier), Goodin said he would be ready to release a truncated version next week sometime. While he wouldn’t say whether or not Xavier would make that cut, he did say that the Musketeers are one of the schools recruiting him hardest.

“I love those guys,” Goodin said of Xavier’s coaching staff. “We stay in contact a lot. I can see myself playing there.”

Other schools he mentioned that have been putting in a lot of time in his recruitment include Western Kentucky, Miami (FL), Michigan, Butler, Indiana, and Louisville.

“I’m going to narrow it down to five or six after this camp on Monday, probably,” Goodin said. “Give myself a little time to get home and talk to my mom since I haven’t seen her in a week. Monday we’ll have a talk and then later that day if I feel comfortable I might put it out, but no later than the end of next week.”

He added that he’s not waiting to hear from any other schools.

“I feel like at this time if you haven’t offered me or aren’t considering me, then I probably shouldn’t be there,” said Goodin.

While many expected Western Kentucky to fade in this recruitment down the stretch, Goodin made it clear that the Hilltoppers have made a recent surge and are a legitimate factor.

“The reason they’re on my list is because they hired Coach (Chris) Shumate,” Goodin said. ”I was going to cut them out, but Shumate came onto the job and we’ve been really close for a long time. I’m comfortable with them. It’s close to home, so I like WKU.”

Also, Indiana has jumped back into the mix after previously being removed from consideration.

“The reason (Indiana) was off the list is because they cut me off, really,” Goodin said. “They started contacting me again and apologized. Me and Coach Buckley had a talk and I understood the situation.”

Michigan is another school that many expected to be an afterthought in Goodin’s recruitment once the Wolverines received a commitment from five-star guard Tyus Battle in May. Like Goodin, Battle is a ball-dominant playmaker.

“Me and Tyus Battle are really cool,” Goodin said. “He’s fun to play in the backcourt with; we played at USA camp together. We follow each other on social media and stay in contact. Michigan’s offense fits me well too.”

Goodin’s true position has been a hot-button topic in his recruitment. While some see him as a point guard, others see him as an athletic playmaker that is best suited to play off the ball. Xavier is in the former category.

“I’d rather go to a college where I’m going to be a point guard and have the ball in my hands,” Goodin said. “But I’m a team player and I can play the one or the two. I prefer the one, but if it’s better for me to be at the two I can be the two. I can share the point; I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Proximity to his home in Campbellsville, Kentucky is another factor that could weigh heavy in his decision.

“I’m going to find the best fit for me and whatever my mom is most comfortable with,” he said. “My mom prefers I stay close to home. She doesn’t even like me being gone a day when I go stay at a friend’s house, so going far away is going to be hard.”

Goodin would like to have his decision made before the high school season, but he’s already feeling how difficult it is to choose just one school after developing several great relationships with coaching staff.

“With all the time schools have put into me, I just don’t like saying, ‘I don’t want to come to your school,’” he said. “I like every school that is recruiting me. I can see myself seeing in so many places. There are a lot of schools I’m considering.”

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