Bob Stevens

XU still gearing up for 2015-16 season

Chris Mack explains to why he decided to push the start of practice back Monday morning.

Monday was originally thought to be the first day of Xavier's 2015-16 season, but Monday morning Chris Mack and his staff decided to postpone the start of practice. 

"We pushed practice back because I felt like our guys needed a few more days to prepare for the season," Mack told "We didn't think our guys were ready to practice today. We get eight hours a week of skill work, so we'll continue to do that and work our guys out, just continue to get them ready." 

Every college team has 42 days to work in 30 practices before their first game. As of Monday, there are 39 days before Xavier's first game against Miami (OH) on November 13. 

"(Pushing the start of practice back) also eliminates a few of the off days," Mack said. "No team is going to practice any more or any less than us before their first game. But teams that have already started will have a lot of off days mixed in."

A practice schedule with fewer off days leading up to the season is something that Mack has shown preference to in the past. Two years ago they started practice a full week after the allowed starting date, which would would be equivalent to this year's team starting on Friday. 

As for when the Musketeers will begin practice this year, that's still up in the air.

"We're playing it by ear," Mack said.  

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