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Sumner talks possible return to Xavier

Edmond Sumner has a difficult decision to make regarding his future. He sat down with Musketeer Report last week in New York to discuss that and his recovery process.

Xavier point guard Edmond Sumner hasn't made a decision about his future yet but the sophomore hasn't ruled out the possibility of coming back for another year of college.

Sumner spoke to MusketeerReport and took questions from fans on a live Periscope session following Xavier's loss to Creighton Friday night in the semifinals of the Big East Tournament.

The sophomore point guard made waves last Wednesday night when he responded to a Musketeer Report tweet about the athleticism of Xavier's guards next season:

When asked what he meant by the tweet, he said the following:

"I haven't made my decision but I'm technically still on scholarship for the next two years. I haven't made a decision so I was wondering why I wasn't included." 

When asked if coming back was still an option, he replied: 

"Oh yeah, definitely."

The decision is a complicated one for the talented 6-foot-6 point guard. After tearing his Labrum on Jan. 10 and continuing to play, he tore his ACL on Jan. 29 ending his season. He had surgery on his knee last week and has already started rehab. He'll also need surgery on his shoulder when he gets further along in the recovery process for his ACL injury, but that hasn't been scheduled yet.

"The surgery went well. The first two days of rehab was probably the hardest I've ever been pushed but the next day I saw so much progress it was crazy," Sumner said. "That's been kind of cheering me up more when I'm in there. I'm just so happy to go in there and get better and see how I'm getting better each day. (The first week) was mostly to focus on getting my swelling down, trying to get my flexibility back, and trying to get my quads firing again."

He was projected to be drafted late in the first round this year by most mock drafts before his injury. Now, he's occupying the same position in most 2018 mock drafts. If he decides to enter the draft this year, he'll almost assuredly slip to the mid-to-late second round, if he's drafted at all.

That may make his choice seem obvious to outsiders. However, the matter is further complicated by the date of when his injury occurred. Recovering from an ACL injury typically takes eight to 12 months and athletes often times need more time than that before they return to form. That might mean Sumner won't be ready to play until the end of next college season.

Sumner not wanting to return to college for two more years and instead choosing to make his rehab and basketball development his only focus would be understandable. 

The timeline of his return to the court will likely be one of the biggest factors in his decision but there could be others that are important to him and his family that makes it even more difficult to speculate on his choice.

Sumner's final decision will have to be made by May 24 which is the deadline for amateurs to remove their names from the 2017 NBA draft and return to college. 

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