2016 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

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#PlayerPosTeamOpponentDraft Kings SalaryAVGH2HProjected Pts.
1David JohnsonClick
RBFree AgentBYE$7,800.0019No24.7
2Le'Veon Bell
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$7,500.000Yes24.6
3Melvin GordonExpert
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,300.0017No23.1
4Charles Sims
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$5,600.0010No22.4
5Antonio BrownClick
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$9,700.0014Yes26.4
6DeAndre Hopkins
Recent News
Contract Year Player
WRFree AgentBYE$8,400.0011Yes25.6
7Lamar Miller
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$7,000.0011Yes21.0
8Allen Robinson
WRFree AgentBYE$8,000.0010Yes25.3
9A.J. Green
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$8,500.0012Yes25.3
10LeSean McCoy
RBFree AgentBYE$6,700.0015Yes19.9
11C.J. Anderson
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,500.0015No19.5
12Jeremy Maclin
WRFree AgentBYE$6,000.008Yes23.8
13Spencer Ware
Recently Updated Outlook
Contract Year Player
RBFree AgentBYE$5,700.0015Yes19.2
14Mark Ingram
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$5,900.0010Yes19.1
15Todd Gurley
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,700.0010Yes19.1
16Giovani Bernard
Recent News
Contract Year Player
RBFree AgentBYE$4,700.008Yes18.9
17Alshon Jeffery
WRFree AgentBYE$7,500.009Yes23.1
18Theo Riddick
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$5,200.0011Yes18.5
19Terrelle PryorStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,300.0011No22.7
20Jeremy Hill
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$4,100.0012No18.1
21Jordan Reed
Recent News
Contract Year Player
TEFree AgentBYE$6,300.006No20.0
22Greg Olsen
TEFree AgentBYE$6,000.0013Yes20.0
23Julian Edelman
WRFree AgentBYE$5,800.007Yes22.4
24DeMarco MurrayLearn
RBFree AgentBYE$6,800.0019Yes17.7
25Ezekiel ElliottSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,900.0014No17.7
26T.J. YeldonClick
RBFree AgentBYE$4,600.007Yes17.6
27Odell Beckham Jr.
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$8,700.009No21.7
28Devonta Freeman
RBFree AgentBYE$5,500.0013Yes17.2
29Jordan HowardBreakout
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,700.006No17.1
30Cam Newton
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$7,800.0028Yes29.3
31Amari Cooper
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,600.009Yes21.3
32Julio Jones
WRFree AgentBYE$9,200.0010Yes21.3
33Christine Michael
RBFree AgentBYE$6,000.0013No16.7
34Matt Jones
RBFree AgentBYE$4,300.008No16.6
35Blake Bortles
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,400.0018Yes28.6
36Jerick McKinnon
RBFree AgentBYE$3,900.001Yes16.0
37Travis Kelce
Contract Year Player
TEFree AgentBYE$4,800.009Yes17.8
38Larry Fitzgerald
WRFree AgentBYE$7,200.0013No20.3
39Rob Gronkowski
TEFree AgentBYE$6,500.000Yes17.5
40Philip Rivers
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,900.0018Yes27.7
41Demaryius Thomas
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,700.0010Yes19.6
42Carson Palmer
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,300.0017No27.3
43Carlos Hyde
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$4,200.0016Yes14.6
44Jimmy GaroppoloSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,200.0019Yes26.8
45Jarvis Landry
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,900.0013No18.9
46Travis Benjamin
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$5,900.0012Yes18.6
47Brandin Cooks
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,400.0012No18.5
48Matt ForteStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,600.0017Yes13.8
49DeSean Jackson
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,200.0010Yes18.3
50Hunter Henry
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,700.005No15.7
51Dwayne Washington
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,800.004No13.6
52T.Y. Hilton
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,000.0012Yes18.1
53Marvin Jones
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,300.0018Yes18.0
54Duke JohnsonRead Why
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$4,000.000No13.3
55Drew Brees
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$7,600.0025Yes25.5
56Tevin Coleman
RBFree AgentBYE$4,500.0017Yes13.1
57Steve Smith
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,500.000Yes17.5
58Frank Gore
RBFree AgentBYE$5,200.0011Yes12.9
59Stefon Diggs
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,100.0017Yes17.3
60Emmanuel Sanders
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,400.0011No17.2
61Allen Hurns
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,800.006Yes17.1
62Alex Smith
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,600.0017Yes24.8
63Ben RoethlisbergerSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$7,100.0018Yes24.8
64Torrey Smith
WRFree AgentBYE$3,900.005Yes16.8
65John Brown
WRFree AgentBYE$4,300.003No16.8
66Andrew Luck
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$7,400.0021Yes24.5
67Mike EvansStar
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,500.0016No16.7
68Isaiah Crowell
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$4,400.0014No12.3
69Coby FleenerSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$3,200.007Yes14.2
70Chris Thompson
RBFree AgentBYE$3,400.006No12.2
71Blaine Gabbert
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,000.0014No24.1
72Kenyan Drake
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$3,600.006No11.9
73Matthew StaffordStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
Contract Year Player
QBFree AgentBYE$7,300.0023Yes24.1
74Kirk Cousins
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,500.0017Yes23.9
75Brock Osweiler
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,800.0013No23.5
76Andy DaltonStart
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,100.0016Yes23.5
77Gary Barnidge
TEFree AgentBYE$3,600.003Yes13.2
78Tavon Austin
Recent News
Contract Year Player
WRFree AgentBYE$4,000.008Yes15.7
79Doug Baldwin
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,100.0013Yes15.7
80Zachary Miller
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,700.008No13.2
81Latavius Murray
RBFree AgentBYE$4,900.0013Yes11.2
82Ryan Tannehill
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,800.0021Yes23.2
83Michael Thomas
WRFree AgentBYE$3,800.008No15.4
84Jimmy GrahamStash
Recently Updated Outlook
TEFree AgentBYE$4,000.007Yes12.9
85Brandon MarshallOverdue
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,000.005Yes15.4
86Fozzy Whittaker
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,900.007Yes10.9
87James White
RBFree AgentBYE$3,600.003Yes10.7
88Willie Snead Jr.
WRFree AgentBYE$6,600.0017No15.1
89Cameron Artis-PayneSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,400.000Yes10.6
90Tyrell WilliamsSurprise
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,400.009No15.0
91LeGarrette BlountStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$5,000.0018Yes10.5
92Terrance WestValue
RBFree AgentBYE$3,400.005Yes10.4
93DeVante Parker
Recently Updated Outlook
WRFree AgentBYE$5,200.0011No14.8
94Joe FlaccoSurprise
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,900.0015Yes22.4
95Rashad Jennings
RBFree AgentBYE$4,700.006Yes10.2
96Robert Woods
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,400.003Yes14.5
97Charles Clay
TEFree AgentBYE$2,600.002Yes11.9
98Sammie Coates
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,600.007No14.4
99Cameron Brate
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,800.007No11.8
100Cole Beasley
WRFree AgentBYE$3,900.007Yes14.3
101Tyrod Taylor
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,400.0016Yes22.0
102Will Fuller VSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$5,300.0010No14.2
103Matt Ryan
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$7,000.0023Yes21.9
104Kelvin BenjaminStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$7,100.0019Yes14.2
105Michael Floyd
Recently Updated Outlook
WRFree AgentBYE$5,100.006No14.2
106Russell Wilson
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,600.0014Yes21.9
107Brian Hoyer
QBFree AgentBYE$5,000.0012No21.8
108Jameis Winston
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,400.0022No21.8
109Shaun Draughn
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.004No9.5
110Michael CrabtreeStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,400.009Yes13.9
111Dennis PittaStart Em
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$3,900.006Yes11.3
112Garrett Celek
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.002No11.3
113Justin ForsettBust
RBFree AgentBYE$3,800.004Yes9.3
114Jack Doyle
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.009Yes11.1
115Eric Ebron
TEFree AgentBYE$3,700.008Yes11.1
116Kyle Rudolph
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$3,400.008Yes11.0
117Julius Thomas
TEFree AgentBYE$4,400.007Yes10.8
118Derek Carr
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$6,700.0019Yes20.9
119Jay Ajayi
RBFree AgentBYE$4,000.007No8.6
120Trevor Siemian
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,400.0017No20.7
121Dak PrescottValue
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,700.0017No20.7
122Jacob Tamme
TEFree AgentBYE$3,400.007Yes10.3
123Eric Decker
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$6,300.0010No12.8
124Jason Witten
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$4,500.005Yes10.1
125Jesse James
TEFree AgentBYE$3,100.004No10.0
126Delanie WalkerSurprise
Contract Year Player
TEFree AgentBYE$5,000.009Yes10.0
127Javorius Allen
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.000Yes8.0
128Eli Manning
QBFree AgentBYE$6,100.0017Yes20.2
129Dexter McCluster
RBFree AgentBYE$3,500.001Yes7.9
130Mike Wallace
WRFree AgentBYE$5,200.0012Yes12.3
131Golden Tate
Recently Updated Outlook
WRFree AgentBYE$5,800.003Yes12.2
132Jamison Crowder
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,200.0010No12.2
133Tyler Lockett
WRFree AgentBYE$3,900.006No12.1
134Bobby RaineyStash
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.002Yes7.4
135Brandon LaFell
WRFree AgentBYE$3,200.005Yes11.9
136Anquan Boldin
WRFree AgentBYE$4,200.008Yes11.7
137Matt Asiata
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.002Yes7.2
138Marcus Mariota
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,500.0015No19.4
139Sterling Shepard
WRFree AgentBYE$5,800.0012No11.6
140Sam Bradford
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,100.0019Yes19.3
141Clive Walford
TEFree AgentBYE$2,700.005Yes9.0
142Terrance Williams
WRFree AgentBYE$3,100.006Yes11.6
143DeAngelo WilliamsSurprise
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$6,200.0018Yes7.0
144Phillip Dorsett
WRFree AgentBYE$4,700.005Yes11.4
145Quinton Patton
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.003No11.4
146Charcandrick West
RBFree AgentBYE$3,400.003Yes6.8
147Pierre Garcon
WRFree AgentBYE$4,000.005Yes11.2
148Chris Hogan
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,700.006No11.2
149Devontae Booker
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.003No6.6
150Dion Sims
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.003No8.5
151Vincent Jackson
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,400.003Yes10.9
152Dontrelle Inman
Recently Updated Outlook
WRFree AgentBYE$3,300.002No10.7
153Dwayne Allen
TEFree AgentBYE$3,800.006Yes8.1
154Adam Humphries
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.007No10.6
155Ted Ginn Jr.
WRFree AgentBYE$3,700.004Yes10.5
156Kenny Britt
WRFree AgentBYE$3,900.007Yes10.4
157Bilal Powell
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.004Yes5.9
158Kevin WhiteSecret
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,400.005No10.3
159DeAndre Washington
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.005No5.9
160Derrick Henry
RBFree AgentBYE$3,500.005No5.9
161Adam Thielen
WRFree AgentBYE$3,100.005Yes10.3
162Andrew Hawkins
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.001Yes10.3
163Jeremy Kerley
WRFree AgentBYE$3,400.004Yes10.2
164Victor Cruz
WRFree AgentBYE$4,600.009Yes10.2
165Mike Tolbert
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.002Yes5.6
166Darren Fells
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.002No7.4
167Alfred Morris
RBFree AgentBYE$3,900.006Yes5.4
168Damien Williams
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.006No5.3
169Martellus Bennett
TEFree AgentBYE$3,500.007Yes7.1
170Jacquizz Rodgers
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.003Yes5.1
171Lance Dunbar
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.004Yes5.1
172Kendall Wright
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.000Yes9.5
173Quincy Enunwa
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,400.008No9.4
174Jermaine Kearse
WRFree AgentBYE$3,200.003No9.3
175Cody Kessler
Recent News
QBFree AgentBYE$5,000.0010No17.0
176Orleans DarkwaExpert
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.006Yes4.7
177Travaris Cadet
RBFree AgentBYE$3,100.004No4.7
178Mike Gillislee
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.003No4.7
179Robert Turbin
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.005Yes4.6
180Walt Powell
Contract Year Player
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.003Yes9.0
181Eddie Royal
WRFree AgentBYE$3,500.006Yes8.9
182Denard Robinson
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.001Yes4.4
183Alex Collins
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.002No4.3
184Seth Roberts
WRFree AgentBYE$3,500.006Yes8.7
185Tim Hightower
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.001Yes4.2
186Ryan Griffin
TEFree AgentBYE$2,600.002Yes6.1
187Josh Ferguson
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.003No4.1
188Tyler Kroft
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.004No6.0
189Lance Kendricks
TEFree AgentBYE$2,600.003Yes6.0
190Chris Conley
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.003Yes8.5
191Jalen Richard
RBFree AgentBYE$3,400.007No3.9
192Benny Cunningham
RBFree AgentBYE$3,200.002Yes3.9
193Rishard Matthews
WRFree AgentBYE$3,100.003Yes8.2
194Jordan Norwood
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.001No8.1
195Marqise Lee
Recently Updated Outlook
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,100.005Yes8.0
196Larry Donnell
TEFree AgentBYE$2,600.004Yes5.4
197John Phillips
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.007Yes5.4
198Vance McDonald
Recently Updated Outlook
TEFree AgentBYE$2,700.007No5.1
199Kenny Stills
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,500.006Yes7.5
200Markus Wheaton
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$4,100.000Yes7.3
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