2016 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

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Pts. Per Reception
QB Touchdowns
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#PlayerPosTeamOpponentDraft Kings SalaryAVGH2HProjected Pts.
1Aaron Rodgers
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QBFree AgentBYE$8,100.0024Yes29.3
2Matt Ryan
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QBFree AgentBYE$9,100.0023Yes29.3
3Le'Veon Bell
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RBFree AgentBYE$10,300.0019Yes25.7
4Tom Brady
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QBFree AgentBYE$8,700.0022Yes21.3
5Julio Jones
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WRFree AgentBYE$10,100.0014Yes22.8
6Ben Roethlisberger
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QBFree AgentBYE$5,800.0018Yes19.3
7Devonta Freeman
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RBFree AgentBYE$8,600.0014Yes19.3
8Antonio Brown
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WRFree AgentBYE$8,800.0014Yes20.8
9Davante Adams
WRFree AgentBYE$6,600.0010Yes18.4
10Dion Lewis
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$5,700.007Yes16.3
11Randall Cobb
WRFree AgentBYE$5,900.007Yes17.7
12Taylor Gabriel
WRFree AgentBYE$5,400.008Yes16.2
13Tevin Coleman
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RBFree AgentBYE$5,800.0012Yes11.7
14Julian Edelman
WRFree AgentBYE$8,900.009Yes13.0
15LeGarrette Blount
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$5,300.0014Yes10.1
16Eli Rogers
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,400.005Yes11.9
17Mohamed Sanu
WRFree AgentBYE$5,900.006Yes11.8
18Martellus Bennett
TEFree AgentBYE$4,900.006Yes13.4
19Ty Montgomery
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WRFree AgentBYE$5,600.009Yes11.1
20Geronimo Allison
WRFree AgentBYE$3,800.003Yes10.8
21Chris Hogan
WRFree AgentBYE$6,200.008Yes10.5
22Jared Cook
TEFree AgentBYE$5,100.006Yes12.1
23James White
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$2,900.006Yes6.1
24Demarcus Ayers
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.001No7.6
25Michael Floyd
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$2,700.005Yes7.5
26Aaron Ripkowski
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.003Yes5.1
27Danny Amendola
WRFree AgentBYE$2,600.004Yes7.1
28James Starks
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.004Yes5.0
29Sammie Coates
Recently Updated Outlook
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WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.004Yes6.8
30Jeff Janis
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.002Yes5.8
31Jordy Nelson
WRFree AgentBYE$7,600.0013Yes4.9
32Austin Hooper
Recent News
TEFree AgentBYE$2,000.004Yes6.7
33Darrius Heyward-Bey
Recent News
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.004Yes4.2
34Jesse James
TEFree AgentBYE$2,700.004Yes6.0
35Justin Hardy
WRFree AgentBYE$1,500.003Yes3.6
36Christine Michael
Recently Updated Outlook
RBFree AgentBYE$3,300.007Yes1.3
37Richard Rodgers
TEFree AgentBYE$2,500.003Yes4.9
38DeAngelo Williams
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$3,000.008Yes0.5
39Levine Toilolo
TEFree AgentBYE$1,800.003Yes4.0
40Terron Ward
Recent News
RBFree AgentBYE$1,500.003Yes0.0
41Brandon Bolden
RBFree AgentBYE$1,500.001Yes0.0
42Matt Schaub
QBFree AgentBYE$3,000.000Yes0.0
43Jimmy Garoppolo
QBFree AgentBYE$3,000.0013No0.0
44Brett Hundley
QBFree AgentBYE$5,000.000Yes0.0
45Malcolm Mitchell
WRFree AgentBYE$3,000.005Yes2.1
DefFree AgentBYE$2,000.000No6.7
DefFree AgentBYE0No6.3
DefFree AgentBYE0No4.9
49Stephen Gostkowski
KFree AgentBYE8Yes10.2
50Matt Bryant
KFree AgentBYE10Yes8.8
51Mason Crosby
KFree AgentBYE8Yes8.0
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