Fantasy Baseball & Football Expert

Shawn Childs - Fantasy Baseball & Football Expert
As the world’s No. 8 ranked Fantasy Baseball player, SCOUT Fantasy's Shawn Childs has made hundreds of thousands playing this very game we all love. Shawn is the ONLY HIGH-STAKES PLAYER to finish in the Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Year on FOUR separate occasions! Shawn is also an expert in Fantasy Football as he won 2nd place overall in the 2014 Most Accurate Salary Cap Expert contest at FantasyPros.

"Over the past decade, I've had the liberty to compete against the best Fantasy players in the world. I've won my fair share of leagues in multiple high stakes season long games in baseball and football. My strength is Fantasy Baseball where I've won five National Fantasy Baseball Championship main event titles with four of those teams finishing in the top 5 overall. My success in Fantasy sports has lead me to pursue a career in the Fantasy market as a content provider and product development."

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