Dr. Roto’s Exclusive TE Rankings

Dr. Roto’s Exclusive TE Rankings: The following format was used to come up with my overall point total: 1 point per reception, 6 pts per TD, 0.1 x yards receiving.

Dr. Roto's Exclusive Rankings

QB: 1-20 | 21-40
RB PPR: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
WR PPR: 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75
TE PPR: 1-20
DST: 1-20
K: 1-20


1) Jimmy Graham 262 total points
This is a clear-cut pick here. I won’t take him in Round 1, but I will gladly draft him in Round 2.

2) Julius Thomas 236 points
He shocked the Fantasy world in 2013. He plays with the best Fantasy QB in a pass-happy offense and is in line for another outstanding season.

3) Rob Gronkowski 224 points
I still think in a standard format he might be the second-best TE, but I do worry about the injury risk. Try to avoid trading for him as his owners overvalue him terribly.

4) Jordan Cameron (Roto) 220 points
The newest member of the Roto family is a Fantasy beast. He is tall, fast, rangy, and has great hands. Johnny Football will love throwing to him. Getting Cameron in Round 6 would be a steal.

5) Greg Olsen 208 points
With Steve Smith gone, Olsen turns into Cam’s best friend on offense. He is great around the red zone and is super consistent. The problem is that his QB is too inconsistent for my liking (which you can read about here.)

6) Vernon Davis 200 points
VD is maddening. There are some weeks where he goes 8 for 120 with two TDs and then there are some weeks he goes 2 for 17. Let other people take him early. I will take him around Round 9.

7) Zach Ertz 192 points
Yes, I am going out on a limb, but I love this guy! He is smart, steady, has good hands, and is starting to gain the trust of Chip Kelly. I think he gets 70 receptions this year.

8) Dennis Pitta 190 points
Ravens QB Joe Flacco looked like a lost puppy at times last season without Pitta on the field. Now that Pitta is back and healthy, watch as he becomes the go-to receiver for the Ravens.

9) Jason Witten 188 points
I am slightly down on Witten this year. I still think he’s a top notch TE, but he is no longer the second option on passing plays.

10) Kyle Rudolph 186 points
Sing along with me, "Rudolph the red zone reindeer, was a very big target. And when he saw the ball more, Fantasy owners glowed!"

11) Jordan Reed 182 points
I am very worried about the persistent concussion problems for Reed. However, when he is on the field he is one of the top guys in the league.

12) Martellus Bennett 172 points
Marty B is a big time red zone threat. He thrived with the Bears last year, finally fulfilling his promise. Look for him to build on last year’s success.

13) Delanie Walker 166 points
If I decide to wait on a tight end, Walker is the guy I will look for in the later rounds of my draft. I think he slides under the radar.

14) Charles Clay 165 points
Clay is too inconsistent for me. He takes plays off and I don’t fully trust that the Dolphins will use him properly this season.

15) Jared Cook 150 points
Every year Jared Cook is a sleeper and every year he disappoints. Will things be different in 2014? I will let someone else find out.

16) Ladarius Green 146 points
Is this the year that Green finally takes over in San Diego? I am not so sure. I think that Antonio Gates still has one or two more years left in him. Green will go earlier than he should based on his potential and not on his production.

17) Heath Miller 145 points
When I think of lunch pail tight ends, Miller comes to mind. He is still a Fantasy starter, but just barely.

18) Travis Kelce 144 points
Shh!!! This is a roto visionary sleeper. He was the Chiefs second-round pick last year so they obviously know he is talented. Watch him get about 55 receptions this year and be one of the first guys taken off the waiver wire in the first two weeks of the season.

19) Tyler Eifert 140 points
I really want to push his numbers up, but I can’t until I see what OC Hue Jackson’s plan is for him. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that he is the second-best receiver on the Bengals. Now, the team just needs to let him play more and find his rhythm.

20) Eric Ebron 138
Many Fantasy owners will draft Ebron too high based on how he looked in college. The learning curve in the NFL is a steep one. It will take Ebron some time to adjust. I like him way more in dynasty leagues than in redraft formats.

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