Dr. Roto's Exclusive WR PPR Rankings (1-25)

Dr. Roto’s Exclusive WR PPR Rankings. Formula: (Number of receptions) + (Number of TDs x 6) + (Total Receiving Yards x 0.1) = My Fantasy points projection

Dr. Roto's Exclusive Rankings

QB: 1-20 | 21-40
RB PPR: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
WR PPR: 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75
TE PPR: 1-20
DST: 1-20
K: 1-20



1) Calvin Johnson - 308 points
Megatron is still the best in the game. Many Fantasy owners will think that adding Tate and Ebron hurts Johnson, but if anything it helps. Now opposing defenses will not be able to double cover him as much.

2) Demaryius Thomas - 295 points
Give me Thomas at No. 6 or 7 overall and I will be ecstatic. He is the top target of the top QB in the NFL.

3) Dez Bryant - 291 points
The Cowboys will have to win every game in a shootout so you know Dez will produce. He is a virtual lock for consistent points each week.

4) Antonio Brown - 275 points
This guy is so overlooked, but all he does is catch passes in droves. He might fall into the second round of your draft. If so, take him.

5) A.J. Green - 273 points
New OC Hue Jackson scares me just a bit as I think Dalton’s passing numbers go down.

6) Brandon Marshall - 273 points
As reliable as they come. He is a lock to produce points on a weekly basis.

7) Julio Jones (ROTO) - 272 points
One of my fantasy children! All he needs to do is to stay healthy, and he could end the year as number three on this list.


8) Jordy Nelson - 265 points
Aaron Rodgers loves throwing to him—case closed.

9) Alshon Jeffrey - 262 points
He is a huge target in the red zone and siphons TDs away from Marshall. He is almost unstoppable as a WR2.

10) Randall Cobb - 261 points
It seems almost unfair that Rodgers has two of the top 10 WRs at his disposal. Cobb has a nose for the end zone as well.

San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen

11) Keenan Allen (ROTO) - 258 points
Last year’s surprise (and my Fantasy child) won’t be shocking anyone in 2014. He is clearly the best target in San Diego and has Rivers’ trust. A wonderful get as your WR2.

12) Vincent Jackson - 254 points
Really benefits not only from the new QB (Josh McCown) but from rookie WR Mike Evans. The better Evans plays, the better it is for Jackson to avoid double coverage.

13) Pierre Garcon - 253 points
Really showed a lot last year in terms of catching the ball and improving his route running. He is talented but might be slightly over drafted this year based on last year’s monster numbers.

14) Michael Floyd - 248 points
What? Floyd ahead of Fitzgerald? Yes! Fitz sees the CB1 while Floyd benefits from the CB2. I will take those odds any day.

15) Larry Fitzgerald - 244 points
He sees Richard Sherman twice as well as the Rams and 49ers tough defenses too. I love him, but I think he gets drafted too high based on his name.

16) Andre Johnson - 244 points
Like an old war horse, Johnson comes out each season and just gets it done. The Texans will never trade him due to his outlandish contract, so he will have to learn to get it done with Fitzpatrick this year.


17) Percy Harvin - 248 points
The Seahawks will use him all over the field, assuming he can stay healthy. I go into every draft assuming he will not be on my team. Let someone else watch the injury report for the late games every week.

18) Cordarrelle Patterson - 238 points
I am a bit worried about the QB situation in Minnesota, but Patterson is on the cusp of greatness. He can take a 5 yard pass to the end zone as easily as anyone in the league.

19) Victor Cruz - 238 points
There is talk of Cruz catching 100 passes this season in the Giants new West Coast offense. However, many people forget that Cruz has some mental lapses during games. I will be happy if he catches 88.

Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White

20) Roddy White - 237 points
They don’t come more reliable than White. He is not a sexy pick anymore, but he could be a fourth-round gem.

21) Kendall Wright - 228 points
Wright gets little press in Tennessee, but he is a great PPR performer. He always seems to catch like 7-8 passes a game for like 80 yards or so. All he needs is an improved Jake Locker to become a top 15 WR.


22) Mike Wallace - 227 points
I am buying into the Dolphins new Philly-style offense this season. Wallace and Tannehill struggled to connect for much of 2013. For the team to have any chance of making the playoffs, the production between QB and WR needs to improve in 2014.

23) DeSean Jackson - 222 points
He and RGIII will connect at least eight times on long TD passes. Those help Fantasy scores and give owners a win on those weeks. He won’t catch a ton of passes, but his yards per catch will be one of the highest in the league.

24) Jeremy Maclin - 214 points
QB Nick Foles loved throwing to Maclin in the past, so it seems logical that these two can find the right chemistry this year. Many people are overlooking Maclin. He is a steal as a WR3.

25) Michael Crabtree - 212 points
He might just be the most overrated player at the position. I love his ability, but this is not a team that likes to air it out. He should catch about 75 balls in that offense, which is a clear step down from the top tier players.

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