Bears QB Jay Cutler not ruled out for Week 3


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has not been ruled out for Week 3 with a hamstring injury. Head coach John Fox made it clear that there was still a chance that Cutler plays this week. He's almost certainly out but those sneaky Bears just won't show their hand yet. "If he [Jay]'s healthy, he starts, if not Jimmy will start," Fox said.


The Bears for some reason believe they are being slick and gaining some sort of an advantage by acting like buffoons with these injuries. It's become the team's gimmick. The Bears are now synonymous with two things, lying about injuries and losing. Great job guys. Maybe they should worry more about not being horrible at football than playing games with the injury report. The good news is they'll probably have a shot at a very good QB in next year's draft with their top three pick. Then they won't have to worry about Cutler's hamstrings anymore.

Source: Mike Florio via

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