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Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Baseball Gut Feelings

As we approach opening day, Dr. Roto reveals some of his final gut feelings about various players in the Fantasy Baseball world.

Daily Dr. Roto—March 31, 2016

Dr. Roto’s Fantasy Baseball Gut Feelings

I have three final drafts this weekend before the season starts. Here are some last minute thoughts I have on certain players.

Pablo Sandoval: The Sox can’t afford NOT to trade him. Look for a deal to be made sometime soon, as $75 million for a benched Panda is a lot of bamboo.

Joc Pederson: I agree completely with Shawn Childs—Joc is a steal in all leagues. Expect a 20/30 type of season.

Felix Hernandez: Don’t overspend on King Felix. I have a feeling he is more human than ever in 2016.

Matt Wieters: I have a sinking sensation that Wieters will be on the DL come July.

Hector Olivera: Love his versatility. Watch him hit for a bit more power than expected.

Brandon Phillips: With Jose Peraza breathing down his neck, I think Phillips is traded by June 15.

Francisco Lindor: This kid is a future star. Pay up at your drafts now for him.

Mike Moustakas: Sometimes it takes guys a few years to figure it out; I think Moose figures it out in 2016 and makes the All-Star team.

Kole Calhoun: People are down on him, but he will be a solid middle-round selection who can hit 25 HR.

Byron Buxton: I am a big fan, but don’t overspend. If he has a rough April, he could be spending time in the minors come May.

Yoenis Cespedes: Please be careful if you draft this guy. I know he is streaky, but I just cannot see him keeping it together all season. New York might be his ruination.

Chris Coughlin: No one will take him, but he is the type of player who might qualify all over the field and is useful in deeper leagues.

Cameron Rupp: Need a $1 catcher at the end of your draft? Rupp plays in a great park and should not have to worry about getting 400 at-bats this season.

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