Tommy G: MLB DFS Rundown (Wed, August 17)

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1. Yu Darvish: Yu looks like he is finally being extended beyond this 90 pitch garbage….although I don’t like targeting pitchers vs oakland, his stuff is so good when he is on that it doesn’t matter who he is facing, they will K….and if they on’t K much and put the ball in play, that just means he will go deeper to compensate….i think Yu is #1 by a good margin today for me.

2. Carlos Carrasco: Factoring in price, Carrasco will be the highest owned pitcher today….he is 8700 on DK and in a very good spot. He has been a bit inconsistent but looks to have turned it around of late. I am considering fading him today for the sole purpose of ownership. I think he could realistically come in at over 60% …. If he is below that and I fade him I will be pissed. I can’t imagine ppl passing over him when he is blatantly mispriced. He posesses similar upside to Yu and Lester but for 3k less. This is the main reason I like Yu for tourneys so much cause I think Carrascos price will keep Yus ownership down. The Problem with Carrasco for me is that a lot of these Whitesox batters have handled him well in the past.

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