Tommy G: Thank You & Best of Luck

Big thanks to Tommy G and BEST of luck to him in everything he does. The #ScoutArmy lives on!


Scout Fantasy has bittersweet news to share with the entire Scout Army. Sergeant-at-Arms and DFS teammate Tommy G is taking his talents to our friends over at We're very excited for Tommy and wish him the absolute best with this brand new opportunity.

"Scout is more than just a company I worked for, it's a family... And I truly meant that! I'm #ScoutArmy for life!" -- Tommy G

The reality of this business is here at Scout, we discover and cultivate incredible talent for our community, as evidenced by not one, but TWO of our experts (Tommy G & Shawn Childs) both winning extremely coveted qualifier seats in the FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship this past Saturday in Nashville.

So while one of our fantasy bros Tommy G continues on his magic carpet ride, the team here at Scout Fantasy is rocking and will continue to provide the rools and talent that will ensure you win your season-long leagues and DFS contests. It's what we do at the #ScoutArmy, we win.

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