Customized Cheatsheets & Rankings Now Exclusive to Premium Members

Premium members: Plug in your league's scoring system and you can customize our rankings to specifically suit your league's specific system! Never second-guess if the rankings fit your league's unique settings.

The typical Fantasy site simply orders names into a list and calls them their rankings. Anybody can do that. We aren't your typical Fantasy site. Whatever they do, we go above and beyond that. That means we go deep into the numbers to assign specific STAT PROJECTIONS to each and every player at each and every position: QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DST, DL, LB, DB and even kick/punt returners! Seriously! Who else is doing kick and punt return projections!!

And when we say projections, that doesn't mean only yards and touchdowns. We project everything down the carries and big play scoring TDs. We aren't a BEGINNERS website. We know that some leagues add bonus points for long touchdowns. We know some leagues add fractions of a point for completions or targets or carries. So that means we project every stat category. We strive to be as in-depth as possible across the board and across every position. That's why we are rewarding our premium members with exclusive access to our customized cheatsheets and rankings!

Our stat projections are updated every week by Shawn Childs. One of Fantasy Football's most successful winners with a laundry list of achievements, winnings and accomplishments spanning multiple sports.

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