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World Championship

Fee: $1,750 | Grand Prize: $150,000 | Rules | Scoring | Prizes | FAQ | Play

The Main Event is the marquee draft of the Fantasy Football World Championships. Win your individual league and take home $10,000. The top overall team claims our $150,000 Grand Prize and a trip for two to Vegas for the award ceremony on Super Bowl weekend! Excited yet? If you don't feel like making the trek to Las Vegas, we've got a solution...join the Main Event online! You can cap off your memorable weekend at our FREE Sunday NFL Viewing Party and leave Vegas, for the first time, a winner, with your team that you'll manage to the top all season long. In three short years time, the Fantasy Football World Championships is already the marquee high stakes contest on the planet. Register Now and take your shot at glory!

Online Championship

Fee: $299 | Grand Prize: $50,000 | Mega Prize: $500,000 | Rules | Scoring | Prizes | FAQ | Play

Scout Fantasy Online Championship is a fantasy football contest comprised of individual leagues of 12. The best teams from each league will compete in weeks 14-16 to be crowned Scout Fantasy Champion and Grand Prize Winner. It's Fantasy Football like you've always played it, except there's NO TRADING! No trading, no way! Not at this level of competition. The team you draft and the players you acquire through weekly free agency is the team you go to battle with. We use Blind Bidding each week to determine who receives the hot free agents. No longer will your buddy sit around the computer and scoop up the best players before you get home from work!

Scout Starter Leagues

Fee: $35 | Total League Prizes: $399 | Rules | Scoring | Prizes | FAQ | Play

For an introduction to Scout Fantasy leagues and format, we recommend our $35 Scout Starter Leagues. These are affordable leagues to help introduce players to competitive, prize-league Fantasy Football. Scout Starter leagues come in three formats: Draft Only, Full Season and QB SuperFlex. Draft only leagues involve no lineups, no in-season waivers, no in-season management. You simply draft your team before the season begins and each week, your lineup is optimized after the games. Full season leagues require you to set your weekly lineups and add weekly free agents. QB SuperFlex are conducted as both Draft Only or Full Season, based on your preference. The difference being that in QB SuperFlex leagues, you can use a QB at the FLEX position!

Dynasty Football World Championship

Fee: $299 | Grand Prize: $10,000 | Rules | Scoring | Prizes | FAQ | Play

Dynasty leagues are, without a doubt, the fastest growing segment in all of season-long Fantasy. The concept is actually quite simple. Draft your startup team, compete all year and KEEP your entire team the following year. You add to your team in the offseason through an annual ROOKIE and free agent draft every year, which occurs immediately following the NFL Draft. (Note: SOLD OUT FOR 2016!)

Mock Draft World Championship

Fee: FREE | Grand Prize: The Ultimate Fantasy Football Experience | Rules | Play

Perfect for first-time users and seasoned pros! The 2016 Mock Draft World Championship (MDWC) challenges users to craft the best roster possible in our custom draft simulator. Submit your FREE team, then watch it climb the standings all year long as you fight for the $2,500 prize! Worried about the time commitment? Our drafts take as little as five minutes, and computer-optimized rosters do all the in-season work. Easy. Fast. Fun!

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