Learn from the Best! FFWC Draft Review (8/25)

Fantasy Football Expert Joe Jefferson analyzes each team's strategy from a recent Fantasy Football World Championship draft!

Starting roster configuration is 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXs (RB/WR/TE), 1 DST and 1 K. 20 rounds, PPR scoring.

Team 1

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB: Adrian Peterson, Jeremy Hill, Jonathan Stewart, Chris Ivory, Buck Allen
WR: Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry, Tavon Austin, Laquon Treadwell, Pierre Garcon
TE: Greg Olsen

Joe’s Take: Team 1 landed the #1 overall WR, QB1 off the board, the #2/3 TE, and still ended up with AP (a top 5 RB), and Jarvis Landry. That’s a nice foundation, but it’s a bit light at WR for my taste. Hill looks like a solid pick but can be boom or bust. Stewart is an underrated RB and Ivory could be a steal. Ivory is a nice sneaky RB you can land around the 10th round. Ivory has RB2 potential if everything breaks right. Seahawks, Buck Allen, Austin, Treadwell, and Garcon are all nice complementary pieces. Fitz is yet one more underrated QB2 if something happens to Rodgers. This is a very nice team!

Team 2

QB: Cam Newton, Tom Brady
RB: Doug Martin, Matt Forte, Thomas Rawls
WR: Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Demaryius Thomas, Tyler Boyd
TE: Gary Barnidge, Jimmy Graham

Joe’s Take: Newton, Julio, TY, and Demaryius are quite a fearsome foursome. Martin, Forte, and Rawls are all solid RBs. 2 of them should pan out. They are all potential RB1s, so if things break right, this team could be a monster. Boyd was a stud in college, but his measurables scared off some GMs. Cincy found a guy that plays football and had proven himself at the D1 level. I’ll take a shot on a guy like that any day of the week. If he performs well and earns the starting role, he could easily put up WR4 stats. Barnidge and Graham are a nice 1-2 punch at value TE. I like what I see from RGIII and Barnidge so far this preseason. Brady is a fantastic QB2 but not needed at all. Use that pick somewhere else to improve your team, not police the draft for value and take another QB that you should rarely play or don’t draft Cam. Broncos D and Gostkowski aren’t usually how I roll because I like to take late DST and kickers but they sure look nice on this roster!

Team 3

QB: Derek Carr, RGIII
RB: Ryan Mathews, Charles Sims, Bilal Powell, Alfred Morris
WR: Odell Beckham, Jeremy Maclin, Donte Moncrief, DeSean Jackson, Phillip Dorsett, Mike Wallace
TE: Jordan Reed

Joe’s Take: Well, this is by definition, “Zero RB strategy” at its finest and I love it. RB1 in Rd 6, RB2 in Rd9 and RB3 in Rd11. Mathews (6.9) is a decent RB2, but he’s injury prone, having never successfully gotten through a season without missing time. I’ll bet that this the year he finally does or at least has some good games before going down. Sims is a nice stretch RB, getting catches as an every week scorer in PPR, but as an RB2? He needs Martin to fold to shine, but I like him as a RB3. At least he was a value at 9.3. Powell and Morris have upside, but Powell, like Sims, will score weekly. Beckham, Maclin, and Moncrief, and DJax are an excellent quartet of WRs. DJax’s ADP has him going in Rounds 6 or 7, so Round 5 seems a bit early to me, but if he stays healthy, he’s an undervalued asset in the Redskins offense. He can still take the top off, and he plays every game with a chip on his shoulder. I love Dorsett’s potential this year as my Stash & Cash Player of the Year. Reed is a nice TE advantage every week he plays, and Carr should suffice at QB1. I like RGIII as a deep backup with high upside.

Team 4

QB: Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith
RB: Lamar Miller, Rashad Jennings, Ameer Abdullah, Christine Michael, Isaiah Crowell
WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Randall Cobb, Larry Fitzgerald, Tyler Lockett, Corey Coleman
TE: Travis Kelce

Joe’s Take: Taylor and Smith are serviceable, but a weak tandem of QBs because I’d like to see more upside in QB #2 if I wait and draft Taylor but Smith going 20.9 is good value. Smith is a solid bet to score 15 points or more just about every week, with a floor higher than most. However, his ceiling is just not as high as other options. Miller and Jennings are a nice tandem of RBs, and Jennings was a fair value 8.3. There are rumors his late season domination of carries could continue. If he stays healthy & catches three or balls a week, he’ll be a very solid RB2. Abdullah, Crowell, Michael, Ware, Hightower and Draughn are all nice RBs with high upside if things were to break right. I like Abdullah’s upside, but he will be hit and miss. VJax as WR6 is sick. Hopkins and Cobb are an amazing top flight duo, with Fitz, Lockett, and Coleman all likely to contribute weekly. Kelce is a solid TE1, and 7.04 is a great spot to get him! This team needs one RB to come out of the mix and start, and if that happens, watch out!

Team 5

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Danny Woodhead, Frank Gore, Deandre Washington
WR: A.J. Green. Michael Floyd, Emmanuel Sanders, DeVante Parker, Michael Thomas, Will Fuller
TE: Zach Ertz, Zach Miller

Joe’s Take:  A.J. Green is an excellent start and Elliott fell too far (ceiling is RB1), but this owner has too much faith in unproven commodities IMHO. Floyd is “up-and-coming” (as always), but the third round is a bit risky. Parker in round 5 and M. Thomas in Round 7 are both young and talented but ultimately unproven players. If you saddle yourself with three players like this in the first seven rounds, you’re likely to get burned. It’s not as if any of these players were values at their respective draft spots taken. Woodhead and Gore provide some stability and Brees is nice. Ertz is a perfect match for the bag of potential this owner has put together. D. Washington, K. Dixon and J. Howard all match this owner’s strategy of reaching for upside.

Team 6

QB: Eli Manning, Marcus Mariota
RB: Le’Veon Bell, Giovani Bernard, DeAngelo Williams, Theo Riddick, Shane Vereen
WR: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree, Markus Wheaton
TE: Antonio Gates, Jason Witten

Joe’s Take: Quality group of WRs at the top. Bryant, Baldwin, and Tate make great weekly starters in this format. Le’Veon and Gio are a nice 1-2 punch at RB. This owner had to secure Williams in the seventh, which is a bit early, but at least he’s yours, so I’m on board there because this owner needs him the first three weeks. Wheaton and Coats are an interesting combo. One of them should pan out but it’s a gamble, and the other pick will end up being wasted. If they share time or offense struggles, both picks could be wasted and that could be expensive at 8.7 and 9.6. I suppose both could pan out, but I doubt it at this point. Gates and Witten are a pair of veteran TEs with reliable scoring histories. Eli and Mariota are a sneaky pair of value QBs taken VERY late (14.7 and 16.7) so well done!

Team 7

QB: Philip Rivers, Tony Romo
RB: Jeremy Langford, Arian Foster, Darren Sproles
WR: Allen Robinson, Eric Decker, Marvin Jones, Stefon Diggs, Mohamed Sanu, Tajae Sharpe
TE: Rob Gronkowski

Joe’s Take: Let me start by saying that Tajae Sharpe could start for this team, despite taking five WRs ahead of him. This is a good team already with a deep WR group that is needed to win in this format. Gronk is a huge weekly advantage especially in head to head formats. Langford and Foster don’t instill a ton of confidence for the long term, but they both have big upside. RB depth will be the problem with the roster, but I like Sproles as a sleeper in PPR leagues. Rivers and Romo are a GREAT value QB tandem at 14.7 and 15.6. They should both throw a lot – an important factor in selecting your QB! Eifert is a nice value TE, and Walford has upside if he can secure the starting gig. If Sharpe and Jones do as well as I suspect, and the RB position works itself out, this team should fly!

Team 8

QB: Andrew Luck
RB: David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Latavius Murray, Melvin Gordon
WR: Sammy Watkins, Willie Snead, Torrey Smith, Rishard Matthews, Steve Smith, Dorial Green-Beckham, Kenny Britt
TE: Eric Ebron, Jared Cook, Ladarius Green

Joe’s Take:  There are “old school” antics at work here, for sure! D. Johnson, McCoy, and Murray could prove to be the best trio of RBs on any team in this league. The problem with building a team this way is health and reliability of RBs compared to WRs. If they all these RBs stay healthy, you have a shot to compete, but recent history has proven that WRs are the safer play in PPR formats IMHO. This is one of the main reasons WRs fly off the board in today’s fantasy world. Still, I like this group of RBs, and it’s deep! Watkins is solid, but Snead as Wr2 is weak. Smith and Matthews are nice WR3/4s, but neither has the upside to become a true WR2 (top 24). Ebron and Cook both have big upside, so I like 1 to pan out here, but it is a gamble. Luck should be poised for a comeback year, so his high-powered potential could make up for lost points at WR. Look to add a WR early and fill that hole, and this team could rock!

Team 9

QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Jameis Winston
RB: Todd Gurley. Jamaal Charles, Matt Jones, Tevin Coleman
WR: Brandin Cooks, John Brown, Sterling Shepard, Allen Hurns
TE: Delanie Walker, Dwayne Allen

Joe’s Take: Big Ben was a steal, and Winston could be a top 10 QB this year. Well done waiting on a QB! (Take notes, people!) Gurley and Charles is a nice starting combo! Best 1-2 punch in the league! Let’s not forget, despite hurting himself multiple times in the past three years; Charles was single-handedly responsible for winning people championships a few years ago. He’s a great value at 3.9! Brown and Shepard are decent WR3s, but that’s what happens in the FFWC when you select two solid RBs early. Everybody else stocks up on WRs, and you’re left reaching a bit. Hurns could be better than both of those two. He’s an underrated WR, and should perform well again this year. He’s TD-reliant but consistent. Walker is a top-end TE1. This team should compete.

Team 10

QB: Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins
RB: Mark Ingram, C.J. Anderson, Carlos Hyde
WR:  Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Julian Edelman, Travis Benjamin, Chris Hogan, Anquan Boldin
TE: Coby Fleener, Martellus Bennett

Joe’s Take: Stafford and Cousins are an ideal combo as late round QBs. Fleener and Bennett are a great tandem of TEs, both with big time upside. If one hits, away you go! Having spent the first seven rounds on WRs and RBs, this team drafted with a sound strategy in mind. Marshall, Jeffery and Edelman are as solid a trio of WRs as there are in this league. Ingram, Anderson, and Hyde were ALL steals! Home run, boys! It doesn’t always work out this well but landing three top tier WRs and having RBs with RB1 upside and solid starting gigs is a rarity. Let the draft fall to you like this drafter did. Forsett and Starks a great second half RBs (12.10 and 13.3) and Cunningham is one of the best handcuffs in the NFL. If Gurley goes down, Cunningham will surprise and perform as a top 20 RB. He’s looked great this preseason, and the Rams have a better line and should improve in the passing game. There are also no other threats on that roster to steal carries. This team looks playoff bound.

Team 11

QB: Russell Wilson
RB: Eddie Lacy, James White, T.J. Yeldon, Chris Thompson
WR: Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Jordan Matthews, Kevin White, Josh Gordon, Bruce Ellington
TE: Vance McDonald.

Joe’s Take: This owner had a plan and worked. I’m a big believer that if your gut tells you a player is going to be a star, you need to take him a bit early BEFORE his ADP indicates he will go in your draft. That said, this team did that repeatedly in the first five rounds. Evans, Cooper, Matthews and White all went ahead of their respective ADPs. They’re all very good players, but it’s likely going to be painful in a few months when they look back and see who they might have selected in a spot or two. Lacy was a fantastic value at 4.2. He’s looked great thus far! He’s the only sure thing RB on this roster, though. McDonald is an upside TE, but this team does not have balance or consistency. If all of the early ADP picks work out, this team will do well. If not, they could struggle.

Team 12

QB: Blake Bortles, Carson Palmer
RB:  Devonta Freeman, DeMarco Murray, Duke Johnson,
WR: Keenan Allen, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Terrelle Pryor, Davante Adams, Nelson Agholor
TE: Julius Thomas

Joe’s Take: Bortles and Palmer are a dream combo. Most think Bortles will regress, but I’m not so sure, about that so I’m not sure I would feel compelled to draft Palmer. Allen and Nelson are a great WR 1 and 2, although I’m a bit scared of Nelson. Benjamin should prove to be a very solid WR 3. Freeman looks great this preseason. Freeman should hold off Coleman for another great season IMHO. Murray and Johnson are very nice RB 2 & 3 tandem. Thomas is serviceable as TE in this deep class but not drafting another TE could hurt this team. Henry could end up starting if DeMarco gets dinged up and be a monster but he should contribute weekly, regardless of Murray’s status so I like the gamble. Pryor, Agholor, and Adams are all crapshoots, but who knows. Watch them the first few weeks, and cut them if you need space for TE 2, etc.


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