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Scouting the MLB DFS - Sunday, September 4

A special edition of Scouting the MLB DFS from a diehard member of the Scout Army, Steve Renner (aka sdchickens)

Welcome to Scouting the MLB DFS for Sunday, September 4th and happy Labor Day weekend.

SDChickens (@steve_renner) filling in and hope to give you all a clear view on what I see for today's main slates on FD and DK.

Weather Report

All clear!   Some windy spots close to the 10 mph range, but nothing I would let affect analysis too much.


Only 9 games on the early slates for both sites.   Check the Scout Fantasy Premium forums for information on the late slates.

Favorite Plays of the Day

The Baltimore Orioles...  All of them.   The Yankees vs Orioles game has a projected run total of 9 with a money line near even.  I am going with the home team here to go yard-work a few times on Michael Pineda, led by their lead off man Adam Jones.

Core Games to Stack

  • White Sox vs Twins - Should be the chalk single game that everyone looks to get bats in.  I don't like going the stack one game route today, but if you do, this it he game to do it in.
  • Detroit vs KC - Eddy Volquez has lost his magic and if LoCain plays for KC then I love them against Daniel Norris.

Individual Teams I like outside of the chalk core (I really have a hard time going away from the chalk today)

  • ORIOLES - O-R-I-O-L-E-S.... Magic!  At home on a day game against Michael Pineda.  Sign me up...   Hardy, Machado, Davis, Jones, Trumbo and Schoop all with decent history off Pineda and all are in a great spot.  Love Jones, Machado and Hardy in paticular today.
  • Cardinals - Everyone is probably sick of them, which means you'll get them low owned.
  • Rangers - Have absolutely murdered McHugh and this game is in Texas with 90 degree temps.  They'll be chalky and should come through.

My Sneaky Game

  • Braves vs Phillies - I like the HR potential for the Braves here.  Those are words that nobody should ever utter out of their mouth.  But I do today against Thompson who has given up the gopher ball in his early career and I don't hate picking on Teheran on the road.


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My Favorites Today

I hate the pitching choices today...   I have never been huge on Darvish, Carlos Martinez and they're two of the top choices.  Sadly though there's no sneaky arm in the middle that I love, so I would advise paying up for the high K guys today.  Great day to do some hedge lineups.

  1. Yu Darvish - Yu should be the chalk as he is the only ace in the main slate today and he gets a Houston team that strikes out enough to justify paying 10k+ on both sites.  He's a little too cheap on FD which makes him the chalk there.  I will probably fade him in GPP's, but he's gonna be popular in your cash games.
  2. Chris Archer - He absolutely owns the Blue Jays and this is where I'll ride some GPP lineups with a hedge lineup of a Jays stack on the other side just in case.   
  3. Carlos Martinez - Likely to be the #2 guy behind Darvish.  I think he pitches well enough today.  


  1. Wade Miley - Baltimore always wins at home on Sunday's and I am loading up on their bats.  I think Miley gets the win and for 6700 I'll take that every day.   I love Wade if you want to save money on pitching.


Jose Fernandez was an easy fade last night.  Hope you also stacked against him with Kipnis/Lindor.

  1. Julio Teheran - I am fading him.  I don't hate him as much as I did Fernandez last night, but I am fading.



  • Evan Gattis
  • Victor Martinez
  • Tyler Flowers

FIRST BASE - Deep today

  • Brandon Moss
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Miggy
  • Crush Davis - Oriooooooles Magic....
  • Jose Abreu

SECOND BASE - Lots of nice choices here.

  • Matt Carpenter - I'll take eggs for this one, but he does yard-work today....
  • Brian Dozier - Some kinda hot....
  • Jonathan Schooop
  • Greg Garcia - Money saver today.


  • Manuel Machado
  • Kris Bryant
  • Evan Longoria


  • Addison Russell - RBI machine
  • Tim Anderson
  • JJ Hardy - BvP!
  • Orlando Arcia - Milwaukee nice sneaky stack today.

OUTFIELD - Pricing done using FanDuel...  Which is SOFT today.

Upper Class

  • Gregory Polanco
  • Ian Desmond
  • Randal Grichuk - Mike Matheney quickly becoming the most hated manager in all of baseball, passing Walt Weiss and Chip Hale...  Batting Grichuk 7th??  

Middle Class

  • Adam M.F. Jones - He's a steal at 3400... Lock him in.
  • Mark Trumbo - $3400....  LOL.....  Oooookay, FanDuel...  Ooookay...
  • LoCain - Gotta verify he plays.  If he does, KC wins big.
  • Adam Duvall
  • Nomar Mazara

Lower Class (sub 3k)

  • Justin Upton 
  • Nick Markakis - He has a big game today.

DONGERS CLUB - 9 Guys who I am gonna predict will hit homers today….  

  1. Tyler Flowers - C
  2. Nomar Mazara - OF
  3. Adam Jones - OF
  4. Gregory Polanco - OF
  5. JJ Hardy - SS
  6. Brandon Moss - 1B
  7. Manny Machado - 3B
  8. Matt Carpenter - 2B
  9. BONUS .............. Nick Markakis - OF
  10. BONUS 2 .............. Eddie Rosario - OF

Yesterday's dongers club results - 4 for 9 HR's.

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