You’re 200% More Likely To Win at DRAFT

Tired of salary cap Daily Fantasy sites when you could be drafting like a season-long veteran? Scout Fantasy has the perfect opportunity for you where you are 200% more likely to win week in and week out!


Do you love the thrill of playing Daily Fantasy Football but you’re sick of losing money to the pros on DraftKings, Fanduel and other salary cap DFS sites? Then you have to try DRAFT! I played Week 1 and it’s by far the most fun I’ve ever had playing in a DFS league and more importantly I had a fair shot at winning and brought home some money! If that sounds like something you’d like, you have to try this new app at

It is a complete change from the norm in regards to all these stale salary cap DFS sites. On DRAFT you get to draft a team! That’s right, a regular snake draft like you’re used to in season-long leagues. It only takes a few minutes. This allows you to prove you’re the best. It’s not just the people with the most money creating the most teams or using some computer algorithm that produces and submit lineups to win.

As a matter of fact, you are actually 200 percent more likely to win on DRAFT! No, that is not a typo: 200 PERCENT! That’s a huge advantage to the talented Fantasy owners who aren’t using computer-generated lineups. Data shows that almost 90 percent of players lose when playing on DraftKings. Furthermore, on FanDuel more than 40 percent of all money being won goes to just one percent of the players! If you aren’t part of that one percent, the field is heavily tilted against you. DRAFT levels the playing field and gives you the chance to beat up on the pros like you know you can when all things are equal.

What’s great about DRAFT is the fact that you can participate in a snake draft whenever you want. Morning, noon or night, you can draft your team. The whole draft only takes minutes, so you won’t be stuck there drafting for hours like with your typical season long snake drafts. It’s quick, easy and you can do it at your convenience.

If you like what you’re hearing, and we’re sure you do, you should join the thousands of big time Fantasy players playing on DRAFT. You can download this app on Android or iPhone. All you have to do is simply go to the app store and search “Draft” or visit

DRAFT has sweetened the pot for you even further. Use promo code “ScoutFantasy” when creating your account and DRAFT offers a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $600. That’s a huge bonus. When you utilize our promo code, you will be automatically entered in the Scout Fantasy League on DRAFT. So what exactly are you waiting for? Join the #ScoutArmy on now!


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