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BFD Coaching Tree Review: New Ravens Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Joe Jefferson and the Scout Fantasy team break down Marty Mornhinweg's past while predicting his future with Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens.

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(Editor’s Note: Since the Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, we wanted to provide some context about new OC Marty Mornhinweg. First, we provide some context to the history of Mornhinweg’s coaching career. After that, we reveal Joe Jefferson’s coaching tree from 2014 when Morwhinweg was the OC of the New York Jets.)

First, let’s get a little context going before diving into Joe Jefferson’s 2014 coaching tree for Mornhinweg and the 2014 New York Jets.

Mornhinweg had a couple good runs in the last 20 years or so. He had a nice 10 year run with Donovan McNabb in Philly. He had a couple good years with San Francisco in the late 90s. He got his feet wet with Green Bay and Brett Favre in the mid-90s. So experience isn’t an issue here.

But you have probably forgotten about Mornhinweg for a reason. Back in 2001, he was head coach for the Detroit Lions where his Lions’ team began the year 0-13. This was the Matt Millen as general manager era for those dinosaurs who remember this period. It was not a good time for the Lions.

Long story short, there is a reason why Marty Mornhinweg hasn’t sniffed a head coaching job for a long time. But he does have some value as an offensive coordinator if given the right pieces. It just so happens that the right pieces are a veteran QB that can regularly take his team to the postseason. Luckily for all involved, that is a mostly accurate description of Joe Flacco. Anything less than that and Marty will probably go 0-13 to start a season.

Focusing back on the here and now: if you recall in Week 3, Joe Flacco had a completion streak that was near an NFL record. He completed 21 straight passes against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He almost tied the NFL record, but Mike Wallace couldn’t handle a somewhat difficult catch in the end zone. The point being is that while there were a couple passes down the field during this streak, there is a lot of dinking and dunking going on in Baltimore. You don’t get 21 straight completions throwing the ball 20 yards downfield half the game.

Mornhinweg is a master of dinks and dunks. Think back to the Donovan McNabb years in Philadelphia. Screens, passes to the flat to Brian Westbrook. McNabb put the ball in the hands of his playmakers and they’d take it from there. Wallace can be the defacto deep threat. Steve Smith has been making a living within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage his whole career. Dennis Pitta doesn’t have the speed to open it up, yet he’s reliable and can find creases in coverage. Pretty much every back in the Ravens’ backfield can contribute as a pass-catcher. You don’t need superstars in this offense. You need consistency.

There’s a lot to like here in terms of efficiency. Is this offense suddenly going to become like Pittsburgh or Drew Brees at home where the points come in bunches? Far from it. They want to execute, control the ball and occasionally hit on a couple big plays.

The offense under Mornhinweg is going to pivot in a slightly different direction. Do not expect any major changes to their gameplan or the depth chart.

New York Jets

Offensive Coordinator:  Marty Mornhinweg

Head Coach:  Rex Ryan

Head Coach Involvement: Ryan is not included in the offense and will let Mornhinweg do his thing again.

Offensive Basis: West Coast Offense in a near pure form with good TE involvement in the past. Heavy Lead RB Use.

Where the OC comes from: Mornhinweg is right off the Steve Mariucci branch of the West Coast offense through Green Bay and the Mike Holmgren offensive staff.

This is one of the most pathetic stat totals we can recall for a team. All numbers from the Eagles in 2012 with Mornhinweg was their offensive coordinator.

New York Jets 2013
2013 RB Reception Total Rank:  #27
2013 WR Receptions Total Rank: #28
2013 TE Receptions Total Rank:  #24

2013 QB FF Rank:  #27
2013 RB FF Rank: #30
2013 WR FF Rank: #30
2013 TE FF Rank: #17

Philadelphia Eagles 2012
2012 RB Reception Total Rank:  #13
2012 WR Receptions Total Rank:  #11
2012 TE Receptions Total Rank:  #10

2012 QB FF Rank:  #17
2012 RB FF Rank: #21
2012 WR FF Rank: #14
2012 TE FF Rank: #16

2014 Offensive Player Outlook Overall:  Believe it or not we like the Jets offense a little in 2014. They went and picked up a nice #1 WR in Eric Decker who’s a 70 catch guy. The RBs are solid with Chris Johnson looking like a nice later RB to select in drafts as a #3 with upside. Chris Ivory will score some TDs but we think he’s just a handcuff to CJ at this point. The #2 WR will produce here and the other guy at WR with a chance to be a solid contributor is Jeremy Kerley.

Sleeper/Value Players:  Jace Amaro is a rookie TE with a shaky QB but a great offense for the TE position. We like the kid and we would select him as a backup TE and expect more than decent numbers from him as a good sleeper. Geno Smith will battle Mike Vick for the QB job and we think Smith wins the job. Regardless we think the QB position in NY this season is sneaky backup sleeper. We would pick up either guy after the winner is declared and use him when we needed him.

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