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Scouting The NHL DFS - Friday,  December 16

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If you have noticed, my name has changed. As bad as I wanted Mr. Hockey, the name will always be reserved for the man Gordie Howe (RIP). With my new name Mr. Pucks, comes a new day in NHL DFS. We have a great slate tonight, with a few teams on back to backs. Tuesday was profitable for the army,  and Wednesday was not so much. That is the ups and downs of DFS hockey. When you think you got it, you get blindsided. Time to change things up and get a step ahead of the competition.

Mr. Pucks Preferred Plays

I was asked if these are three players people should use. What I suggest is building around at least one of my three choices. Let us take a look at my top three.

Jack Eichel  - Center - ($7,100 FD / $7500 DK)

One thing that stands out here is that Eichel's price has ballooned in the last seven games, to the tune $1,400. With that noted, Eichel is the face of the Sabres now and for years to come. In his previous game, he had two goals, one assist, and five shots on net. He gets a home game against and Islanders team on the backend of a back to back. As of late, goaltending has been optional for the Isles. This bodes well for Eichel and his linemates. I will have huge exposure to him and you should as well. There is a reason his price is increasing, cause his production is.

Jordan Staal - Center - ($5200 FD / $4600 DK)

In all reality, Staal could be a sleeper play based on his price. What I am looking at is the fact that he loves to play the Caps. In his last game against them, Staal had a goal, three assists and four shots on goal. More importantly his goal game on the power play. As a Pens fan, I watched Staal a lot, and his game is very methodical and about timing. He will pick apart the Caps game plan and pay off. I can see Staal tapping into his inner demons and scoring a goal with two assists and four shots on net. One of his assists will be a shorthanded one. In his career, Staal has 14 shorthanded goals and 17 shorthanded assists. One of the if not the best in the NHL when it comes to penalty kill play.

Matt Duchene -Wing- ($7000 FD / $6000 DK)

I don't understand the reason for a 1k difference in price on each site, but it is just that. Duchene has five goals in his last five games, with a two-goal performance in his last game. The Avalanche host a Panthers team on the second game of a back to back. He is on track to eclipse 60 points this season, which is a feat considering the Avalanches dismal play of late. My favorite thing about Duchene is he is a shooter. He will shoot a ton and payoff even more. He will end up with a goal, two assists and four shots on net. His line will factor into three of the five goals I expect the Avs to score.

Mr. Pucks Super Sleeper

Brian Boyle - Center - ($3600 FD / $3500 DK)

Boyle is one of those players you love on your season-long team. He is a peripheral stat sheet filler. Tonight, though, he will fill the DFS stat sheet. He had his best game of the season on Wednesday when he scored two goals(one on the power play) and four shots on net. I can see him starting a streak, and I want to be part of that streak. Want to make your lineup shine in an MME gpp? Then pair Boyle with his linemates of Namestnikov and Point.

Teams To Target

New name, new format. I will list my top two GPP teams to target, with some players from those two teams. Then I will list a few more teams with a brief description.

Carolina Hurricanes - The ‘Canes are 8-3-1 on home ice and just beat the Canucks on Tuesday with an eight-goal outburst. I expect them to take it to the Caps and force the action. This is my top GPP team to focus on.

Players to target:

Staal - Center - ($5,200 FD / $4600 DK) - Top line center

Rask - Center - ($5800 FD / $5300 DK) - Second line center

Teravainen - Center - ($4,300 FD / $4300 DK) - Third line center

Lindholm - Wing - ($4300 FD / $4000 DK) - Pair with Staal

Skinner - Wing - ($6800 FD / $6400 DK) - Pair with Rask

Aho - Wing - ($4300 FD /  $4200 DK) - Pair with Teravainen and/or Stempniak

Stempniak - Wing - ($3900 FD / $4100 DK) - Pair with Teravainen and/or Aho

Faulk - Defense - ($5600 FD / $5000 DK) - Great asset on PP an PK.

Buffalo Sabres - Buffalo is an extremely young and skillful team that can score in bunches. Yet like any young team, you have to pick your spots when you want to play them. The Isles will come in tired, and Buffalo will pounce. Plus the Isles are starting Berube in net, the guy has been on the team's roster all season, and this will be his first start. This alone makes me want to attack this game. Great cash game team to save money and also a perfect team in GPP games.

Players to target:

Eichel - Center - ($7100 FD / $7500 DK) - See above...

O’Reilly - Center - ($6300 FD / $6000 DK) - Second line center

Larsson - Center - ($3500 FD / $3600 DK) - Third line center GPP ONLY

Okposo - Wing - ($6200 FD / $6000 DK) - Pair with Eichel and/or Kane

Kane - Wing - ($6000 FD / $5600 DK) - Pair with Eichel and/or Okposo

Reinhart - Wing - ($5100 FD / $5500 DK) - Pair with O’Reilly

Gionta - Wing - ($4100 FD / $4000 DK) - Pair with Larsson GPP ONLY

Ristolainen -Defense - ($5400 FD / $5900 DK) - If you play no one from this game on offense, then at least play Ristolainen, he is a close to a must have as there is.

Pittsburgh Penguins - The Pens have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL as of late. They are on an eight-game winning streak, are 13-2-1 at home and the top team in the Eastern Conference, the second-best team overall in the NHL, and have a +25 goal differential. They are doing everything right and get a Kings team that 4-8-1 on the road. Instead of me listing all the guys to play, I will just tell you to target the top line of Sheary-Crosby-Hornqvist or the second line of Kessel-Malkin-Hagelin. Letang is out due to injury. I am a big believer in Schultz on defense.

Colorado Avalanche - The Avalanche are primed to start a run, as many players are looking to stay in the NHL. Their biggest issues are on defense and goaltending, neither seem to exist. Offensively they are getting healthy and starting to figure it out. The line of Grigorenko-Duchene-Rantanen will be their most productive and you don't want to miss out in a gpp game. Their top line of Landeskog-MacKinnon-Bourque will also be productive. Defense wise, I don't like anyone.

Florida Panthers - As I mentioned above, Colorado has no defense or goaltending. 44 goals given up in the last 11. This spells success for the Panthers. Like the Avalanche the Panthers are having problems finding their way on the ice. This is the type of game that will help them. I love the line of Jagr-Barkov-Griffith will pay off finally for us. With the expected return of Marchessault in this game, I'm targeting his line with Bjugstad and Sceviour. Ekblad and Yandle should easily navigate the ice and chip in with assists and shots.

Also consider Washington Capitals top line, Calgary second line, and Montreal top line.


**As always check before puck drop to see starting goalies, as things change**

I will list a few goalies and if you want them in cash, gpp, or both.

Murray - Cash/GPP (if he starts)

Fleury - GPP only if he starts

Price - Cash - He is too expensive in my opinion, but you can use him in GPP if you use Buffalo and Carolina as your offense.

Johnson - Cash/GPP

Bishop/Vasilevskiy - GPP only

Lehner - GPP only - Will be less than 3% owned.

Mr. Pucks High Risk/ High Reward GPP Lineup

This is a risky lineup, which if it hits, has a high return. I would only suggest you use this in any GPP that you enter multiple lineups in. I do not suggest it to be your main lineup. This IS NOT my main lineup. I do not make any claims that this lineup will hit.


C - Eichel

C - Staal

W - Okposo

W - Kane

W - Lindholm

W - Gagner

D - Hedman

D - Werenski

G - Murray * - If he does not start, you can go up to Price at $10,200 and change from Hedman to Hamilton at $5,700.


C - Eichel

C - Staal

W - Kane

W - Okposo

W - Lindholm

D - Faulk

D - Hedman

G - Murray - If he doesn't start, Price is $100 cheaper.

Util - Boyle

Good luck to everyone and remember my twitter handle has changed to @MrPucks77.

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