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Scouting The NHL DFS - Saturday,  December 17

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Last night was a good night for Mr. Pucks and the #ScoutArmy. Our GPP teams performed, and most games went as planned. I am aiming at keeping the streak going. We have a juicy eight-game slate, with a lot of tired teams going at it. Time to drop the vulcanized rubber and but the biscuit in the basket.

Mr. Pucks Preferred Plays

I was asked if these are three players people should use. What I suggest is building around at least one of my three choices. Let us take a look at my top three.

Corey Perry  - Wing - ($7,400 FD / $6700 DK) - Honestly, Perry's price is high because of who he is, not because of what he has done. However, that changes tonight as he will prove his price is right. In his last outing against the RedWings, Perry had two goals on four shots, a 50% shooting clip. Perry has scored ten goals in 35 games vs. the Wing, and I see him repeating his last performance tonight while adding an assist.

Artem Anisimov  - Center - ($6700 FD / $6400 DK) - Anisimov has found a way to make it on the score a lot recently. He has five goals and two assists in his last eight games while averaging three shots per game. The Blackhawks head into St. Louis, in what should be a brawl of a game. I will have a lot of usage for him tonight as I think it is a statement style game for him. The upside to Artem is that he is not scared to block a shot or two from time to time. I think he gets a goal with two assists, three shots, and a blocked shot.

Taylor Hall -Wing- ($7100 FD / $6900 DK) - Hall gets to head back into Canada to face an Ottawa team that is very up and down. After having problems during his time in Edmonton, Hall has resurrected his career in New Jersey. He is a point per game player thus far, and that's with missing nearly 12 games to injury. He has 29 shots on goal in eight career games against the Senators while having two goals and five assists in that same time. I will be using Hall in GPP play tonight, along with his linemates, as I think the Devils win this games 4-1.

Mr. Pucks Super Sleeper

Benoit Pouliot - Wing - ($3800 FD / $4300 DK) - Revenge game narrative alert here. Pouliot played one season for the Lightning, and the breakup was messy. Pouliot has not had a very consistent year for a veteran player. He is one of those players you need to pick your spots with. The Lightning just lost to the Canucks last night and will come in tired and hurt. I expect Pouliot to smell blood in the water, as I fully expect his line to draw the Lightnings bottom defensive pairing. I see a goal, an assist and two shots on goal. GPP play is an understatement.

Teams To Target

New name, new format. I will list my top two GPP teams to target, with some players from those two teams. Then I will list a few more teams with a brief description.

Toronto Maple Leafs  - The biggest reason I am targeting the Leafs is that Marc-Andre Fleury will most likely be in goal, and he has been a headcase all year. The Leafs do hold an 8-5-2 record at home and do have some guy named Auston Matthews,  maybe you heard of him.

Players to target:

Kadri - Center - ($6500 FD / $5900 DK) - Pair with Komarov and/or Brown

Bozak - Center - ($6200 FD / $5100 DK) - Pair with Van Riemsdyk and/or Marner

Matthews - Center - ($6800 FD / $7400 DK) - Pair with Hyman and/or Nylander

Komarov - Wing - ($4200 FD / $4300 DK) - Pair with Kadri

Brown - Wing - ($3700 FD / $3700 DK) - Pair with Kadri and/or Brown

Van Riemsdyk - Wing - ($7200 FD / $6600 DK) - Pair with Bozak

Marner - Wing - ($5500 FD / $6300 DK) - Pair with Bozak and/or JVR

Hyman - Wing - ($3900 FD / $4200 DK) - Pair with Matthews and/or Nylander

Nylander - Wing - ($5200 FD / $5600 DK) - Pair with Matthews and/or Hyman

Zaitsev - Defense - ($3800 FD / $3700 DK) - High risk, higher reward play

Reilly - Defense - ($4700 FD / $5200 DK) - Top powerplay defense.

New Jersey Devils - This is a very risky play in the fact the Devils are 4-10-4 on the road and are 2-5-3 in the ten they played and have lost their last four. It almost sounds like I'm talking you off them. The upside is that teams overlook them, and that is when you want to target them. Ottawa is not exactly a strong team. 4-4-2 in their last 10 and have a -9 goal differential.

Players to target:

Henrique - Center - ($4800 FD / $4800 DK) - Pair with Hall and/or Parenteau

Zajac - Center - ($5100 FD / $5500 DK) - Pair with Cammalleri and/Palmieri

Zacha - Center ($3800 FD / $3800 DK) - Pair with Kalinin. GPP ONLY

Hall - Wing - ($7100 FD / $6900 DK) - Pair with Parenteau and/or Henrique

Parenteau - Wing - ($5000 FD / $4100 DK) - Watch lines… Pair with Hall and/or Henrique

Cammalleri - Wing - ($5400 FD / $5500 DK) - Pair with Zajac and/or Palmieri

Palmieri - Wing - ($5200 FD / $4800 DK) - Pair with Zajac and/or Cammalleri

Kalinin - Wing - ($3000 FD / $3000 DK) - Pair with Zacha. GPP ONLY

Severson - Defense - ($4300 FD / $4100 DK) - Great young defensive player.

Lovejoy - Defense - ($3400 FD / $3200 DK) - Punt play, but Ottawa is the worst team in the NHL against defensemen.

****Keep an eye on NJD lines. Currently, Smith-Pelly is listed on top line, but it's because Parenteau had a day off yesterday.***

Pittsburgh Penguins - The Pens lost a tough game in OT to the Kings last night. I expect this game to be a shootout. I will just tell you to target the top line of Sheary-Crosby-Hornqvist or the Kessel-Malkin-Hagelin line. Schultz and Daley are great on defense and even taking a flier on Bonino/Kunitz might pay off.

Washington Capitals - The Caps get a home game after a tough road game last night. I will have some exposure to this game as the Canadians gave up four quick goals to the Sharks last night. The Caps have more firepower than the Sharks. Ovie scored last night and will do the same tonight. His line is definitely in play. As is the line of, Johansson-Backstrom-Oshie. Defensively speak, Maybe Carlson and Alzner.

New York Rangers - The Rangers head to Nashville in a game that should be tough to pinpoint. Kreider-Stepan-Zuccarello should provide a lot of offense and the second line of Grabner-Hayes-Nash will pitch in too. You can be sneaky and go for a Pirri/Vesey stack. I love McDonagh on defense as well as a shot at Skjei.

Also consider Chicago's first and second line, Anaheim's top line, Buffalo's top line and Carolina's third line.


**As always check before puck drop to see starting goalies, as things change**

I will list a few goalies and if you want them in cash, gpp, or both.

Holtby - Cash/GPP

Ward - GPP

Schneider - Cash/GPP

Lundqvist - GPP

Vasilevskiy - GPP

Darling - GPP

Nilsson - GPP Only.

Mr. Pucks High Risk/ High Reward GPP Lineup

This is a risky lineup, which if it hits, has a high return. I would only suggest you use this in any GPP that you enter multiple lineups in. I do not suggest it to be your main lineup. This IS NOT my main lineup. I do not make any claims that this lineup will hit.


C - Henrique

C - Matthews

W - Hall

W - Hyman

W - Nylander

W - Perry

D - Fowler

D - Mike Green

G - Holtby


C - Henrique

C - Malkin

W - Hall

W - Kessel

W - Pouliot

D - A. Green

D - Zaitsev

G - Ward

Util - Nugent-Hopkins

Good luck to everyone and follow me on Twitter @MrPucks77.

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