Week 16: Thursday Night Preview

Dr. Roto previews Week 16's Thursday Night Football matchup between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles from a Fantasy perspective!

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Daily Dr. Roto — December 22, 2016

Thursday Night Preview

New York Giants

QB Eli Manning — I really want to play Eli Manning against the Eagles considering the Eagles pass defense has been poor as of late, but Manning has been so inconsistent that I am not sure if I can pull the trigger. Manning has struggled all year (mainly due to OL troubles) and has not been as effective as he has in the past. I see Eli getting about 240 yards and two TDs this week, but it easily could be less if the Giants OL struggles.

RB Rashad Jennings — As you all know I hate Jennings. He is mediocre at best and is nothing more than a safe, veteran presence on the roster. The Giants mainly go to Jennings to protect their fourth quarter leads, and he cannot be counted on for more than 60 yards and possibly a TD (but I wouldn't depend on it).

RB Paul Perkins — The guy I really want to see more carries is Paul Perkins. Perkins is explosive and really could be a difference maker in the Giants offense. The problem for him is pass protection — it is abysmal, and the Giants don't trust him not to get Manning killed. Perkins get fewer touches when the Giants are leading (which they should be on Thursday), so I probably would not start him this week.

WR Odell Beckham Jr — The only consistent Giant this year has been Beckham who is a must start every week. A bad week for Beckham is 6 for 60 and a good week could be 10 for 150 and two TDs. I say he ends up somewhere in the middle of those numbers.

WR Sterling Shepard — Shepard has not really had one great week yet this season, but he is pretty consistent getting about 3 to 5 catches a game for 40 to 50 yards and a TD here and there. I don’t love Shepard this week in this divisional game, but I could easily see another 10 to 12 point week in PPR leagues.

Philadelphia Eagles

QB Carson Wentz — Wentz started out really well this season, but has struggled with the Eagles lack of a running game (and Lane Johnson’s absence from the OL). That said, Wentz has shown great leadership qualities and looks like he has a bright future for the Eagles. This week, however, is not a great week to start Wentz as the Giants defense is playing at too high a level to risk starting him.

RB Ryan Mathews — I was blown away with Mathews’ game against the Ravens as he was arguably the best offensive player on the field. I am not sure he can replicate that performance against the Giants, but he should get another 20 touches which should be good for about 80 to 85 total yards from scrimmage.

RB Darren Sproles — Sproles is expected to play after missing the last two weeks with a concussion. With the Eagles most likely playing from behind, I can easily see this as a week where Sproles gets about 5 or 6 catches out of the backfield. He is a solid starter in PPR formats, but not someone I feel great about starting in standard leagues.

WR Jordan Matthews — Matthews' line last week of 6 catches for 24 yards typifies his biggest problem as a Fantasy WR. He gets targets and catches but is rarely able to break off the big play. I don't see him being able to beat the Giants defense deep on Thursday, so I expect him to have about 7 or 8 catches for about 70 to 80 yards.

TE Zach Ertz — Has there been a better TE over the last few weeks than Zach Ertz? I don't think so. He's a PPR machine and has shown that he is Wentz's No. 1 target. The Giants have always struggled to stop the TE (Jason Witten), so I see Ertz with another good game tonight with about 14 to 18 Fantasy points.

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