Fantasy Football World Championship - Contests Recap

With one game left on the schedule, let's take a look at the leaderboards in Scout's most prominent Fantasy Football contests!

Championship Week is almost over! There’s one final game remaining on the schedule and you know Fantasy owners across the country will be glued to their TVs and smartphones to watch the game and check those live updating scores. This is what Fantasy Football is all about!

There were two entertaining games on Sunday evening. Pittsburgh won the division thanks to late-game heroics from Antonio Brown & Ben Roethlisberger. Le’Veon Bell also had a big game and that trio likely sealed many victories for many Fantasy teams. Not to be outdone, Tyreek Hill & Travis Kelce were stellar in what turned into a decisive win for the Chiefs.

Fantasy Football World Championship Recap

Now we have to turn our attention to all the Championship contests in the Fantasy Football World Championship. A look at the leaderboards shows Mark Mitchell’s “Winning Edge2” with a small lead over Kimra Schleicher’s “Le’Veon a Prayer.” Unfortunately for Mark, all his players have played so his final score of 718.86 is set. Kimra on the other hand still has Golden Tate and the Dallas Cowboys defense remaining in her lineup. Also in striking distance is Brad Kruse’s Fantasy Assassins. He has Ezekiel Elliott locked into his lineup and Brad needs Zeke to score about 28 points to overtake “Winning Edge2” for first place. On a side note, Kimra would be the first female World Champion if she wins. And oh by the way, the overall Champ takes home a whopping $150K!

FFWC Leaderboard

Fantasy Football Online Championship Recap

Over in the Online Championship, Evangelos Lilas’ team, “Banger bros” is one game away from a possible win. Lilas has a comfortable 40 point lead with only two players in range to overtake the lead. In second place, Ken Temple’s “Team Temple” needs a 40 point masterpiece from Ezekiel Elliott to win. And it’s not quite over for fourth place team “SoCo and Nightmares.” Marc Quitsch’s team still has Cole Beasley and Golden Tate to play, although they need to combine for about 55 points to jump into the lead.

FFOC Leaderboard

Dynasty Football World Championship Recap

Barring a statistical miracle, Scott Denton’s “2 Nice TITo’s” is the likely Dynasty King over in the Dynasty Football World Championship. His Week 16 lineup scored a hefty 224.75 points, which included five players scoring more than 25 points and three of those scored 35 or more! The next closest competitor with players still to play is Barry Leonard’s “FAHQ” team but his team is down an insurmountable 74 points. Denton’s team has been in the driver’s seat of the DFWC for most of the season. With that said, let’s allow the Lions and Cowboys to duke it out before we start printing out checks or carving any trophies!

DFWC Leaderboard

Good luck to everyone still in the hunt and congratulations to everyone who cashed in a big way playing the Fantasy Football World Championships!

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