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NFL Coaching Hot Seats Heading Into 2017

Dr. Roto examines some NFL coaches facing the hot seat as we enter the new year!

Daily Dr. Roto — December 28, 2016

Coaching Hot Seat

The Buffalo Bills finally gave the ax to Rex Ryan (as I predicted on my podcast about three weeks ago) and are now in search of a new coach for 2017. Jacksonville’s Gus Bradley and Los Angeles’ Jeff Fisher are already gone, so let’s take a look at some other coaches who are on the hot seat and might feel the heat come January 2.

NYJ Todd Bowles — His solid showing in 2015 probably buys him another year in the Big Apple. He will need to figure out new defensive schemes sans Revis as well as a new signal caller, but he will get one more shot.  Warm

CLE Hue Jackson — The stove was probably beginning to burn until the Browns got their first win last week at home. The team has played hard for Jackson, and they will most likely have the number one pick. He's a player's coach, and his guys love him, so I say he stays. Tepid

IND Chuck Pagano — Another losing season in Indy? Not sure Chuck can withstand the heat if they miss out on the playoffs. It’s not like he can fire another offensive coordinator.  Very Hot

SD Mike McCoy — It’s hard to blame McCoy considering all the injuries the team has had this year. In fact, one could argue that he has done a great job considering the limited ability of his personnel. Sadly, I am not sure it matters as the team might be moving away from San Diego and if they do they will probably want to start over with a new regime. Burning

PHI Doug Pederson — Fantasy owners would love to roast this guy over an open fire, but it seems like the ownership in Philly likes him enough to give him another year. Carson Wentz did show improvement over the course of the season, but did anyone else get better? I don’t think so. Hot

NO Sean Payton — It looks like the Saints are willing to trade their Coach for a bag of balls and a dozen beignets. Payton has done a masterful job over the years in New Orleans, but Brees is almost done and the team truly believes that they are in rebuilding mode and Payton is not the guy to lead it. Scalding

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SF Chip Kelly — Only Chip Kelly could manage to lose the number one pick in the draft by beating the pathetic Rams. One could argue that it is GM Trent Baalke that needs to be fired, but he seems to have the ear of ownership. We all know that Chip is dying to be the GM of any team, but we saw what an unmitigated disaster he was in Philly. I had him pegged for the LSU job before it went to Orgeron and I am not sure that there is another college job available at this point that would appeal to him. My guess is that he gets another shot with a QB he likes as opposed to Kaepernick. Warm

MIN Mike Zimmer — It’s never a good sign when your players stop listening to you which is exactly what happened when the Vikings played the Packers. It will be interesting to see how the team handles what happened in the off-season. Will they cut Terrance Newman or will they just fire Mike Zimmer? Zimmer’s job security started to diminish as the team’s fortunes began to crumble this season.  Hot

DET Jim Caldwell — If the Lions fail to make the playoffs, it could be argued that it is because Caldwell could not inspire them over the past few weeks. Caldwell has been hanging on by a thread, and I think that ownership is looking for a reason to let him go. A four TD game by Aaron Rodgers this week might just be the thing to get it done. However, if the Lions pull off a victory this week, Caldwell is safe and might even get an extension on his current deal. Burning

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