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5 Fantasy Lessons Learned in 2016

Dr. Roto lists five things he learned this Fantasy Football season!

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Daily Dr. Roto—December 29, 2016

5 Fantasy Lessons Learned In 2016

They always say you are never too old to learn something new. When a season is over, I try to look back and see what changes I can make to be even more successful the following season. So without further ado, here are five things I learned in 2016.

  1. I will no longer worry about a superstar player being out for the first three to four weeks of the season. To wit, I think I passed on Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell in all but one of my leagues this year thinking that I would struggle winning games in the first few weeks of his absence. What I failed to consider was how impactful he could be to my team upon his return. And oh yeah, he was pretty awesome in the Fantasy playoffs this season!

  2. I will no longer be married to the idea of having to take four wide receivers with my first four picks in the Fantasy Football World Championships. In fact, the leagues I did best in this year I took Cardinals RB David Johnson in the first round and Bills RB LeSean McCoy in the third round. I love getting receivers who provide huge numbers of receptions, but nowadays running backs can be equally as potent out of the backfield.

  3. I will no longer pay more than $5 for a quarterback at an auction. I say this because I stupidly spent $15 at a high-stakes auction to get Panthers QB Cam Newton which seemed like a great idea at the time until Kirk Cousins went for $2 at the end of the auction. In fact, I think my plan next year will be to draft two to three quarterbacks and stream them throughout the season.

  4. I will no longer drop players who I think have high upside. You are going to have to believe me when I say that I was on Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill before anyone else in the industry. I drafted him in two dynasty leagues (thank you to Nick Athan from Scout for the heads up about his speed), and I also put him on my roster in two or three high-stakes leagues. Sadly, in one of my high-stakes leagues, I dropped him only to see Jeremy Maclin get hurt the next week and my main competitor pick Hill up and use him against me for the rest of the year. That move easily cost me $1,500 and maybe more. I need to learn to be more patient if I like a player.

  5. I will never EVER have only one player at a position heading into the Fantasy playoffs in a high-stakes league. Most leagues I play in do not allow me to make pickups during Weeks 14 to 16 which makes it incredibly important to have enough depth at a position in case of injury. A friend of mine went into the playoffs with only Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill as his lone starter and then proceeded to blow a huge lead in the playoffs because he had no backup for him when Tannehill went down with his injury. I will absolutely make sure I cover myself as best I can before the playoffs start next season.

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