Prescription Notes From Week 17

Dr. Roto provides insight from Week 17 of NFL action!


Daily Dr. Roto—January 2, 2017

Prescription Notes From Week 17

First of all I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  I hope that 2017 brings you health, wealth, and happiness (and Fantasy success!)

--I know the Giants are playing amazing defense right now, but I have to think that they cannot be happy knowing they have to travel to Green Bay to play in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers is arguably having an MVP-type season and the Packers defense has stepped up considerably over the past few weeks.

--Speaking of the Giants, I was glad to see that Paul Perkins finally had a shot to get 20+ carries. Perkins ran for over 100 yards and showed that he can be the lead running back that the team is looking for. The only question about Perkins is whether or not he can pass protect well enough to stay in the lineup. Sadly, I think that it is a big problem for him and something he will need to work on in the off-season.

--Bengals RB Rex Burkhead waited for the best possible time to have a career game. Burkhead is a free agent next year and he showed that he can be a part of any team’s running game. Not only can Burkhead run, he can catch out of the backfield, and is a terrific goal line runner.

--I have my eye on Jets RB Bilal Powell next year. He showed me that he, and not Matt Forte, should be the team’s starter and I have a feeling that Powell will fall in drafts next year. That’s just fine by me as I will scoop him up wherever I can.

--I am happy that Chargers TE Antonio Gates caught the TD record tying reception but I am even happier to see that Hunter Henry is going to be the main man in San Diego next year. He is a phenom who will only improve on this year’s terrific rookie campaign.

--Don’t be shocked to see Patriots WR Michael Floyd make an impression in the playoffs. Floyd is a mismatch for any team’s 3rd or 4th CB and if he is willing to work hard, he could have a role in the Patriots offense moving forward.

--I am so upset to see David Johnson get injured in a meaningless game. I appreciate him (and the team) wanting to accumulate statistics, but why jeopardize the best player in the game by playing him after giving him over 300 touched already this season? It was just an injury that seems to have been easily avoided.

--I never root for injuries, but something tells me that the Chiefs might be better off if Jeremey Maclin’s ankle injury keeps him out for a few weeks. The Chiefs offense played so much better when it focused on Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce that Maclin often gets in the way.

--I know that Chargers HC Mike McCoy lost a lot of close games, but I think he actually did a decent job this year considering so many of his top players were injured. He will end up as some team’s OC next season and will do an excellent job.

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