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If you like to win money with little effort on your part, then you need to read this. Scout Fantasy has presented a bonus Holiday present for everyone for FREE. The NBA lineup optimizer is live and helping many win money. You can check it out here.

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The optimizer allows you to set parameters and then builds a lineup for you. You begin by selecting the daily site you want to play on whether it's DraftKings, FanDuel or Yahoo. Under the “All Games” tab, select the slate you want to play whether it's all day, turbo slate or night slate. Next to contest time, you will see the options and click the option you are playing.

Then there are sliders to select the risk you want to take under filters where you can set the risk range, value range, and salary range sliders. You want to take more risk in tournaments and use more value plays for cash and head-to-head games.

If there are players you don't want to use, then remove them from the pool, so the optimizer doesn't include them. The ideal way to utilize the optimizer is to select a few players you want to build around.

For example, read the Scout Fantasy articles on DFS each day, visit the forums for the discussions and take a look at our Scout Scores that we put out each day. That might leave you with an idea to build around James Harden, Victor Oladipo, and Kristaps Porzingis. Enter them into the lineup and hit optimize.

The optimizer will then give you a lineup around those three. What if it gives you a player or two you don't want? Simple. Remove them from the lineup and hit optimize again and it will give you a new lineup.

On the top right side of the screen, there are three optimization strategies: projected, ceiling and floor. The projected optimization will construct a lineup with the highest projected point total, regardless of risk. The ceiling optimization will prioritize players with high variability to maximize your ceiling for tournaments. The floor gives you the most consistent performers with minimal risk, and this is what you want for cash games, which is head-to-heads, double-ups, and 50-50s.

If you know nothing about NBA and are interested in playing, there's always the option of selecting the site you're playing on and hit optimize to produce the best lineup possible.

Just remember there's constant news with players being declared in or out right before lineup lock. You need to refresh the browser and stay on top of things until lineup lock. If you set a lineup in the afternoon, chances are it won't be the same 10 minutes before lineups lock.

At Scout Fantasy, we want you to win money and make things easy for you. The NBA optimizer makes it simple. It's FREE right now, but with all the success people are having, chances are it won't be for long so pile up the bankroll now!

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