Fantasy Football Playoff Draft World Championships Examination

Adam Ronis looks at the standings in Scout's Playoff Draft World Championships and examines which teams have the best shot at taking home the $20,000 grand prize!

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One more game remains before the 2017 Fantasy Football Playoff Draft World Championship winner gets crowned and wins the $20,000 top prize.

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Mike Gustafson's 9 Route team leads the way with 501.05 points and goes into the Super Bowl with a 2.3 point lead. Gustafson has three players left with Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, and James White. Justin Herron is right behind Gustafson and also has three Patriots remaining with Dion Lewis, Hogan, and the Patriots defense.

Todd Hunter is lurking behind and is in excellent shape as he went big on the Falcons. Team Hunter is 27.3 points behind the top spot with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Tevin Coleman, Matt Bryant, Falcons defense, Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola. Hunter can fill eight of his 11 starters in what projects to be a high-scoring game. Hunter will pass the top two teams.

Rex Winters is in ninth place overall with five players remaining. He has Ryan, James White, Edelman, Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu. He is 65.5 points out of first place, but it will take huge games from White and Sanu for Winters to pass Team Hunter.

John Rozek and his TC4 team have an outside shot with Lewis, Hogan, LeGarrette Blount, Michael Floyd and the Patriots defense. It will take a huge game from Blount, who no one above him has, and Floyd being active and being productive. Floyd was inactive in the AFC championship game. Rozek is 72.7 points out of first.

Craig Koslica is in 14th place, 82 points out of first with seven players left in the Super Bowl. Team Koslica has Ryan, Coleman, Jones, Hogan, Justin Hardy, Stephen Gostkowski and the Patriots defense. If Hardy can surprise and Gostkowski has a huge game, Koslica has a chance.

Todd Hunter has another team with an outside shot to make a push to the top. That team is in 19th place with a deficit of 93.35 points to the top spot with Ryan, White, Edelman, Patriots defense, Amendola and Martellus Bennett, who no one has above him. It will take big games from Amendola and Bennett for this team to soar up the standings.

Jeff ODell's  No Bozos 7 team has nine of 11 players active for the Super Bowl and 100.55 points behind first place. He has Ryan, Freeman, Jones, Sanu, Hogan, Taylor Gabriel, Gostkowski, Patriots defense, and Hardy. He needs Gabriel and Hardy to have big games to separate from some of the teams ahead with players remaining.

Surprisingly, no team above Andrew Palerno has Tom Brady. The Mr. Blonde team is in 29th place and 107.55 points out of first. If Brady explodes and the Falcons offense struggles, Palerno can make a push. He has Brady, White, Edelman, and Hogan. It's safe to say we know who Palerno is rooting for.

Unfortunately for him, John Rozek's TC3 team is behind him with more players. He has Brady, Lewis, Hogan, Blount, Amendola and the Patriots defense. That team is 108.9 points away from first.

Bombers 3 has an 110.95 deficit and has Ryan, Freeman, Sanu, Hogan, Gabriel, Bryant, Falcons defense, and Levine Toilolo, who will need to have a good game for this team to make a run.

Jeff O’Dell has another team further down that is 123.2 points out of first with eight players left. No Bozos X has Freeman, Hogan, Sanu, Bennett, Coleman, Gabriel, Amendola and White.

Bill Maendele is 125.9 points out of first, and his Medic 28 team has Ryan, Coleman, Jones, Hogan, Sanu, Gostkowski and the Falcons defense.

A 144.95 point deficit is likely too much to overcome for Brian Owens' Team Owens, but he has Ryan, Coleman, White, Jones, Bennett, Gabriel, Gostkowski and the Patriots defense.

Jason Anthony's Team Anthony is 148.9 points out of first with Ryan, Coleman, Jones, Hogan, Sanu, Bryant and the Patriots defense.

Fred Wolke is 113th overall and 168.7 points out of first but no team ahead of him as a complete starting lineup like he does. Team Ryco2 has Ryan, Freeman, Coleman, Jones, Sanu, Gabriel, Hooper, White, Malcolm Mitchell, Bryant and the Falcons defense.

O’Dell has another team that is heavy with the Falcons and Patriots but is 184 points behind the overall leader. No Bozos 3 has Brady, Freeman, Coleman, Hogan, Sanu, Gabriel, Blount, Gostkowski, Floyd and the Falcons defense.

The favorite is Team Hunter, who is currently in third place. With eight players in the Super Bowl and a deficit of 27.3, expect Hunter to finish in the top spot.

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