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2017 FSTA Fantasy Baseball Draft Review: Rounds 2-4

Dr. Roto analyzes rounds 2-4 of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Expert Baseball Draft!

Roto Visionary Post-It Notes—January 27, 2017

FSTA Review Part 2

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This is a review of the FSTA Experts Baseball Draft from this past Monday night. If you missed the draft live, you can listen to it on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio either on rerun or on demand. The draft had 13 teams including Ron Shandler, Lawr Michaels/Todd Zola, Steve Gardner, Ray Flowers, Baseball HQ’s Ray Murphy and Brent Hershey, Colton and the Wolfman, and many other top notch Fantasy Baseball experts from around the country. The draft lasted 29 rounds and took well over four hours to complete. Over the coming days I will break down some of the best and worst picks from the draft (including my own) and try to show you how some of the top experts constructed their rosters.

Best Picks of Rounds 2-4

Trea Turner (2.7 to Rotowire): I just love this pick. I know a lot of my fellow experts are going to raise doubts about Turner being over drafted but what if I told you he would hit .290 with 16 HR and 65 SB. Wouldn’t that be worth a first round pick? I think so for sure. Here, Derek van Riper got him at a huge discount and it might just pay off for him.

Freddie Freeman (2.11 to Mastersball): Freeman is not a sexy pick but in this case it was a smart one. If you look at the list of first basemen closely, you will see a huge drop off after Freeman. By taking Freeman here, Mastersball not only added a potential NL MVP type hitter entering his prime years, they avoided the huge drop off to Wil Myers or Jose Abreu.

Chris Sale (3.8 to FNTSY): Sale is probably the 4th or 5th best starting pitcher in Fantasy Baseball this season. In most NFBC leagues he will go in the late second round considering those are 15 team leagues. So for Sale to go in the 3rd round represented a great bargain.

Dee Gordon (3.11 to Ron Shandler): I think a lot of people forget how much of a difference maker Dee Gordon really is when it comes to Fantasy Baseball. He is a three category monster and was a guy who was in high demand last season. Ron Shandler astutely realized that speed is hard to find and jumped on Gordon at the perfect time.

Worst Picks of Rounds 2-4

Brian Dozier (2.13 to Fantistics): Everyone knows I am a huge Dozier fan, but taking him here represents that the owner thinks he will do exactly what he did in 2016. I never like paying full value for a player if at all possible.

Xander Bogaerts (3.6 to NFBC): I think of Boegarts as a very steady solid player, but not necessarily an impact bat. In the third round I want more of a difference maker and Boegarts is just not that hitter.

Gary Sanchez (4.12 to Colton and the Wolfman): I know Glenn Colton is a huge Yankees fan, but that being said he bought into the hype on Sanchez. For Sanchez to give back 4th round value he HAS to hit 30 HR this year.

Dr. Roto’s Picks

Round 2: DET 1B Miguel Cabrera - Cabrera is quite possibly the most solid hitter to ever play the game. He is a top player at a premium positon and I was hoping to get him in Round 2 and was glad I did.

Round 3: COL SS Trevor Story - Here’s the story…he is a really powerful young hitter! I know his wrist was hurt last year, but I am counting on him playing Opening Day and I think with 600 ABs he will hit to the tune of 35 HR and 15 SB.

Round 4: TEX 2B Rougned Odor - Getting Odor wasn’t in my initial draft plan, but after selecting Story, I loved coming back with another middle infielder who can give me power and speed.

Who else was I thinking of taking?: In Round 2 I thought about Carlos Correa but decided that I could not pass up picking the first baseman. In Round 3 I never thought about anyone else but Story. He was my target and I was glad he slipped to me. In Round 4, I thought about JD Martinez but figured I could wait a few rounds and get another power hitter and Odor’s upside at the position was too good to pass up.


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