Mr. Pucks Wins Hockey Writer of the Year!

Scout's very own James Capone was honored as 2016's Hockey Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association!

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SCOUT Fantasy’s James Capone, better known to his readers as Cappy or Mr. Pucks, won the FSWA award for Hockey Writer of the Year. This is a very prestigious award in the world of Fantasy sports so we decided to do a sit-down interview with Mr. Pucks himself, whose Fantasy Hockey advice you can get right here every day!

We asked Cappy a little bit about himself and his personal life, and he immediately lit up when he began to talk about his beautiful family:

“I am a 39-year-old father of four amazing kids that range from ages 2 to 19. Along with them, a huge part of my life is my amazing wife Katie, who has supported my DFS writing goals. I was born just outside of Pittsburgh, but have lived in Florida for 25 years now. Currently, DFS is my job, as is being a stay at home dad with my two-year-old.”

We were wondering how Cappy got started with DFS and how his love of hockey grew:

“I started playing hockey when I was four years old and fell in love with it. I was a goalie and was able to travel overseas with a few all-star teams and play in some amazing countries. Between a knee injury and moving to Florida when I was 13, my playing days were done, but not my love for the game. Fantasy sports became my way to reconnect with the game. This led me to DFS a few years back and my love of research. Hockey has been in my blood for years, and writing about the sport comes naturally.”

He was asked what is it about his writing does he think took him to this next level:

“I love to write articles and try to write them so that anyone can follow along. I want the most novice person walking away feeling like a pro. I write my articles using some stats but base a lot of it from my knowledge of the game and the eye test. Numbers can only tell you a little about a player; I feel that my ability to dissect a player's game helps readers make a more informed decision. I started by answering questions in the Scout forums and posting my thoughts. With the help of my mentors Kickman and Dr. Roto, it turned into a full-time job. And I love every moment of it. People have called me “The Goalie Whisperer,” but it is because that was the position I played and know the best. My insight and writing come from being a part of the sport for 35 years now.”

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About that FSWA award. We had to know what it was like the moment he found out he had won and what this prestigious honor meant to him:

"When the award finalists were announced in January, I was surprised. I had only been in the industry for two years, and here I am in a group of highly skilled writers with a chance to win. About two minutes before they announced I was the winner, I got a text from FSWA to let me know. I had a smile from ear to ear mixed with shock. Think about it: Out of 500 submissions; I was selected. After talking to Andy Behrens, Colton and The Wolfman, and Lenny Melnick live on air, it hit me. All my work, all my dedication to the sport paid off. The hours I put into research and the advice given to me by Dr. Roto and Kickman came through. I am still in shock, and the outpouring of support and congratulations online have been amazing too. Even the haters can be a good thing. If I did not have haters, then I'd be doing something wrong!"

Those mentors Dr. Roto and Thomas Kiecker “Kickman” were very proud of their pupil and had this to say:

"I could not be any happier for Cappy. He epitomizes everything that is right in this industry. I respect his passion not only for the game but for helping others to love it as well. He has proven in a short time that he is the best Fantasy Hockey writer and player around.” ~ Dr. Roto

"First of all, I want to congratulate Cappy on his winning the Fantasy Hockey Writer of the Year!! This is well deserved, and Cappy is one of the hardest working writers in the industry! Starting as a Scout Intern just over a year ago, he is now posting great how to play articles and great daily write-ups! Cappy was never too good to learn his craft. He was open to tips from anyone who would give them. Cappy will do great things in DFS world." ~ Kickman

Cappy wanted to give these last words of wisdom to our valued readers before we let him go:

“I tell everyone to never play with your heart. You are not disloyal if you pick against your team, or pick a player from a hated rival. Loyalty doesn't win money, smart lineups do. Also, you don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. I never post what or how much I win in DFS because to me it is no one's business. You wouldn't post your bank account information online, would you?

Don't give up. We all have bad days, and there is not one person out there that can guarantee you will win. Ask questions and do research, and don't just take my word for it. It is your lineup and your money, and in the end, you are the one that clicks submit. The biggest thing I hate is when people blame someone else for their loss. Take responsibility because if you can't afford to lose it, then don't bet it. Lastly, have fun. If you take it too seriously, then you will not have fun and will give up too quickly. DFS isn't a sprint; it's a long race, so run it slow and build your momentum.”

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