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2017 Fantasy Baseball: Top 24 Second Basemen ADP Report

The 2017 Fantasy Baseball season is right around the corner so we're bringing you average draft position reports that touch upon what you need to know: rankings, studs, sleepers, values, busts and players to avoid.

Top 24 Second Basemen ADP Report

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With the National Fantasy Baseball Championship coming up, I thought I would take some time to look at the current draft flow in March. I’ve put together the top 400 or so players drafted in 168 drafts in the NFBC to get help get a feel for each player’s value. Completed drafts are a great tool for Fantasy owners to get a feel for a player’s average draft position or ADP. By knowing the potential round a targeted player may go in, a Fantasy owner may be able to add a few more pieces to the puzzle with a good feel for drafts flow and timing.

The key is finding the drop-offs at each position plus knowing when there is a huge step down at a position if you miss a targeted player. Each owner at the draft table will have a different start to their roster leading to different paths to their team development.

To help get a feel for the player pool, I’ve highlighted some players at each position to show their possible value in 2017. Here is the table that shows what each color means:

Here is a list of the top 24 second baseman in 2017 based on ADPs in March from the NFBC:

The second base position is much improved in 2017. Jose Altuve and Trea Turner offer foundation type skill set thanks to their edge in speed with supporting power. Robinson Cano is still an edge for his position in power and batting average while hitting in a great spot in the batting order. For me, Rougned Odor may be the third best option due to his ability to add steals. His batting average should be stronger this year.

Dee Gordon is like one stop shopping for speed. By drafting him early, a Fantasy owner will take a hit in HRs and RBI while distancing himself from the competition in the SB category. Gordon has a very good chance of delivering 40 to 50 percent of the expected steals by a top Fantasy team in 2017.

I remember in the early days of the NFBC when a couple of teams drafted back-to-back base stealers to set a massive foundation in speed. Those two players were SS Jose Reyes and 2B Chone Figgins. In 2005, they combined for 15 HRs, 115 RBI, and 122 SBs. The goal was to fill the rest of his roster with power. This speedy combo finished with 28 HRs, 143 RBI, and 116 SBs in 2006. It was a pretty impressive theory for the owners that hit on the middle of the order hitters. It’s almost like a Fantasy owner built his team backward.

In the new generation of Fantasy Baseball, this plan may be harder to execute due to the high price of acquiring aces.

I like that Matt Carpenter qualifies at 2B in 2017 as it adds value to his skill set. His power is emerging with a solid approach at the plate. Carpenter has been battling a back issue this March, so a Fantasy owner needs to follow this news closely. Jason Kipnis looks to be big injury risk headed into the Fantasy draft season due to his right shoulder injury.

Back in January, I liked the price point and upside of Devon Travis. Unfortunately, his recovery from offseason knee surgery has been slower than expected and he may land on the DL to begin the year. Travis has talent with a nice power and speed combo and a chance to bat in a favorable part of the batting if he plays well.

D.J. LeMahieu and Ian Kinsler both hit in a favorable part of the batting while coming off career years. LeMahieu continues to improve while Kinsler has a better resume in his career than success over the last couple of seasons before 2016.

Batting order and team structure should lead to the late second base decisions. Are you looking for speed, power, or a balance skill set? Dustin Pedroia, Neil Walker, and Josh Harrison should hit in the right part of the batting order. Harrison will offer the most upside in speed of these three options.

The backend speed option will be Cesar Hernandez, though he did come up short in this area in 2016. I view him more as bench option unless he’s batting leadoff and running.

If your goal is to get 45+ HRs and 60+ steals from your three middle infielders, you will need to be creative with your decisions at second base to start your roster.

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