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2017 Fantasy Baseball: Last-Minute Draft Tips from Dr. Roto

Waiting until the last minute to draft? Or even if you already drafted, here are some tips from Dr. Roto to help you navigate your Fantasy Baseball draft with style and grace.

Last Minute Prescription Notes

In case you are drafting this weekend right before the season starts, I will give you some last minute tips to help you dominate your drafts or auctions:

1. Make sure you get at least one (and preferably two) top starters to help anchor your rotation. You don’t need to come home with Kershaw and Scherzer, but one of them would be ideal. If they are gone, get Darvish, Sale, Kluber, or Syndergaard. If you decide to wait until the fourth or fifth rounds, I like deGrom, Cueto, Archer, and Carlos Martinez.

2. Don’t forget that 1B is really thin. The drop-off is immense. You need to make sure you get a first baseman who can hit you at least 25 HR. I like Brandon Belt, but he’s not going to cut it when your opponent has Goldschmidt or Cabrera.

3. You don’t need two closers, but I would love you to get one guy who can keep you afloat in saves. I am okay if you pass on Chapman and Jansen, but you need a safe closer capable of getting you 40 saves or more. Guys who come to mind include Oh, Kimbrel, Osuna, and Giles.

4. Speed is at a premium but try to avoid the one category speed guys. If you decide to roster Jarrod Dyson or Rajai Davis, you might be adding speed, but you might be killing yourself in the power categories. Try to look for the guys who can go 20/20 like Kiermaier and Broxton.

5. Don’t fall in love with youngsters. I like Jameson Taillon, Tyler Glasnow, Aaron Sanchez, Kevin Gausman, Julio Urias, and many others, but I am not sure that you can win with all your starters being upside guys. Get one or two upside pitchers and surround them with some safer pitchers who will give you good numbers.

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6. Wait on catcher. Gary Sanchez and Buster Posey are good, but are they third round good? I don’t think so. I’d much rather wait and take Grandal or Martin about eight rounds later.

7. Get reserve guys who play. I like the young phenom rookies too, but sometimes those types of players don’t make an impact before September at the earliest. I have no problem stashing one young minor leaguer (Moncada) on your roster, but adding three or four of those guys hurts your roster management all season. You can’t play them, but you don’t want to cut them.

8. Look at last year’s numbers. See what third place was in each category and try to match those numbers. Remember—you don’t have to win every category. If you come in third in each category in your league, you will be an easy winner for sure.

9. Don’t be a homer. It’s okay to root for your favorite team but don’t be one of those Fantasy owners who bids heavily on players from their favorite team. Just because you like the Astros doesn’t mean you need Springer, Altuve, Beltran, and Keuchel on your team. In fact, if it helps, try to make a point NOT to draft players from your favorite team. This way you can concentrate on winning and not rooting.

10. Stay sober at your draft! I know this seems ridiculous to say, but there is always one guy who brings a twelve pack to the draft. If you want to win your league, you need your wits about you to make the best picks. Draft first, then drink drafts after--your team will be much better off!

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