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Scouting The NBA DFS Playoffs - Sunday, April 16

The NBA playoffs are here and now it is crunch time to cash your DFS lineups! Happy Easter!

Plays of the Day

Value: I’m going with Noah Vonleh as my value play on this one. He’s played more than 30 minutes in three straight games and topped 20 Fantasy points in four straight games with a high of 37.3. If Jusuf Nurkic returns it could hurt Vonleh’s value, however, they are going to need him inside in this series regardless.

Fade: I’m fading Al Horford. He’s the top center on this slate that’s healthy, and I have no interest in paying for him. If you watch him night in and night out, he looks so mediocre at times. The guy just disappears, and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

Games to Target

  • Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets
  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Golden State Warriors

Point Guards

Two Studs

Russell Westbrook (OKC) @HOU FD: $13,500/DK: $13,800

At this point, I sound like a broken record. We all know the monster numbers and the triple-doubles. Westbrook was historically great this season from a statistical standpoint, and there is no reason he should slow down against the Rockets. His price reflects his ridiculous upside.

Damian Lillard (POR) @GS FD: $9,400/DK: $8,900

I could have gone with Lillard or Steph Curry here. I opted for Lillard because Curry'll defend him. In the past, he has had career games against the Warriors, and he has shown more of an ability to take his game to the next level in the playoffs than Curry has.

Potential Value

Rajon Rondo ($6,000/$6,000)

We have seen great Rondo, and we’ve seen terrible Rondo. I expect a strong showing from him in this series. Isaiah Thomas will be defending him by just about every metric Thomas is the worst defensive PG in the NBA. Since Rondo isn’t a major scoring threat, they will probably leave Thomas on Rondo and have their better defenders worry about guys like Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade.


Patrick Beverley ($4,900/$5,400)

Beverley has put up huge numbers at times in this Rockets system. In his past five games, he’s topped 30 Fantasy points three times with a high of 49.1. At his current price, you can’t beat that value. The Thunder aren’t particularly strong at slowing down opposing PGs.

Shooting Guards

Two Studs

James Harden (HOU) vs OKC FD: $12,200/DK: $12,000

This is the same story as Westbrook just a slightly lower level. Harden has just been assaulting the box score this season, and the Thunder won’t do much to deter him. He has all the upside of Westbrook for $1,300 less and lesser options behind him at SG.

C.J. McCollum (POR) @GS FD: $6,800/DK: $7,000

The Blazers are going to rely extremely heavily on the offense of their guards in this series. McCollum has massive upside with one of the best mid-range scoring games in the league. It was tough choosing between him and Klay Thompson because Thompson can get as hot as anyone in the league. Nevertheless, McCollum is more of necessity for Portland because they lack the scoring options.

Potential Value

Avery Bradley ($5,800/$6,100)

Bradley was a major impact player early in the season before injuries hindered him. However, his price has plummeted, but we know the talent is still there. It shouldn’t shock anybody if he steps up and has a big game on both sides of the floor.


Lou Williams ($4,300/$5,500)

Williams is a sixth man that can put up points in bunches. At the same time, he can go cold whether it’s because of his lack of versatility, bad shooting or low usage. Any given night he can give you more than 30 Fantasy points, but he can have you stuck in the teens other nights.

Small Forwards

Two Studs

Jimmy Butler (CHI) @BOS FD: $10,000/DK: $10,200

Butler has been a Fantasy machine, and I only see his numbers going up in the playoffs. He’s one of the best two-way players in the game, and I would be surprised to see him post under 40 Fantasy points in a lot of games this post season. I won’t be surprised if he tops 50 Fantasy points on multiple occasions.

Kevin Durant (OKC) vs POR FD: $9,800/DK: $8,800

KD is back, and he appears to be close to form. He may not be all the way back, but he’s more than close enough to be considered a stud on this slate. Make no mistake, when healthy he is the best player on the Warriors on a nightly basis.

Potential Value

Evan Turner ($4,200/$4,500)

Turner is a low-cost player who can approach a triple-double any given night. He’s been healthy and seeing solid minutes so his value could be immense at just $4,200. If you are searching for value at SF, Turner may be your man.


Maurice Harkless ($3,600/$3,700)

Harkless is another Blazer who plays serious minutes and has more big games than you may think. This is the same concept of Turner, just at an even lower price. While I like both, I wouldn’t advise playing both on the same slate.

Power Forwards

Two Studs

Draymond Green (GS) vs POR FD: $6,800/DK: $6,900

Green is far-and-away the best PF on this slate, which completely lacks any other first or even second-tier power forwards. Green can have huge games even if his offense is lacking. That’s what makes him such a valuable Fantasy commodity.

Nikola Mirotic (CHI) @BOS FD: $5,800/DK: $5,800

Mirotic has picked it up down the stretch suddenly posting big numbers after dealing with both injuries and benching earlier in the season. He’s picked up his three-point shooting and rebounding significantly. He’s now a threat to put up 25 and 10 every night with a few other notches in the box score.

Potential Value

Noah Vonleh ($4,200/$4,400)

He’s played more than 30 minutes in three straight games and topped 20 Fantasy points in four straight games with a high of 37.3. If Jusuf Nurkic returns it could hurt Vonleh’s value, however, they are going to need him inside in this series regardless.


Amir Johnson ($3,900/$3,700)

Johnson is a guy who can put up quick points in limited minutes at a discount price. In his last game, he posted 27.5 Fantasy points in 19 minutes. It’s not rare for him to put up more Fantasy points than minutes played. He put up back to back 30-plus point Fantasy performances as recently as March 26. I always like him as a low-priced play.


Two Studs

Jusuf Nurkic (POR) @GS FD: $7,500/DK: $6,500

If he plays and he’s healthy, he’s by far the top option on this slate. However, he may be a game-time decision, and he may have a minutes restriction. Play at your own risk.

Clint Capela (HOU) vs OKC FD: $5,800/DK: $5,600

Clearly, there aren’t a ton of top-notch big men on this slate. That goes for power forwards and centers. Still, Capela is coming off a 43 Fantasy point in which he posted a 22 and 10 double-double. Consistency has been an issue, but Capela has the upside.

Potential Value

Steven Adams ($4,700/$4,400)

Adams is a big man who I expect to play better in the playoffs than in the regular season. They will need him underneath and the team better me more focused on pulling down boards than inflating Westbrook’s triple-double numbers. The Rockets struggle against centers and Adams will have to make them pay.


JaVale McGee ($3,900/$2,600)

Sure, he’s a human low-light reel, but he’s the best inside presence the Warriors have. His Fantasy numbers have been solid late in the season topping 20 Fantasy points in his final three games and five of his last seven. He’s good for 15 strong minutes and could see a bump depending on how things play out.

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