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Fantasy Football: Analyzing The First Draft-N-Go of 2017

Scout's Senior Fantasy Football Experts provide some notable insight after dissecting the first Draft-N-Go of the 2017 season!

With the first Draft-N-Go of the 2017 season in the books, let's take a look at where players are being drafted in early May and what caught the eye of our Senior Fantasy Football Experts!

Mark Deming

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From: Seattle, WA

WR Looks:

  • Amari Cooper went 17th overall. 24 WR's had more TD receptions than Cooper in 2016.
  • Michael Thomas will be going top 10 when drafts hit hard in August.
  • Doug Baldwin a second-round pick?
  • A-Rob, Watkins and Keenan Allen still getting respect, as they were all selected in the third round.
  • The eighth round has some down low WR value and Round 6 has WR's that could produce whopping numbers.
  • Many of the 2016 NFL WR draft class has hit rock bottom. Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell, Will Fuller, Sterling Sheppard and Tyler Boyd were all buried in this draft.

Joe Jefferson

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From: Englewood, CO

QB - Well looks like another year to wait on drafting your quarterback... I expect them to drop even further in sharky drafts or by the time everyone realizes how deep the position is, especially in the FFWC format. Look at the starter quality in the 12th round as the QB11-QB16 were drafted! I'd be great with Derek Carr or Big Ben and not afraid of rolling with Cousins or Rivers as my starter.

RB - Wow throw back looking board with the 2016 resurgence of the RBs. This is fist time in a very long time I agree that the first three picks are RBs and I hope to land a top 3 pick. C.J. Anderson is now not a 4th rounder with the addition of Jamal Charles in Denver. I expect Charles to now be drafted before CJ but not by much. If I had to guess, I'd say Charles in round 7 and Anderson in round 8. I'm not really high on either right now but I could see myself taking the plunge on Charles as the season approaches and if he looks good in preseason, his stock will soar.

WR - I see a pretty clear top 3 and 5 at the position but I expect lots more diversity than last year in the ranking of the 6th-20th WRs drafted until the preseason approaches. So targeting guys might be tougher with greater variance in the rankings of individual drafters but value could abound if you are patient and know who you like. I'd argue that in this format, the WRs were slightly undervalued as a whole with some reaches at RB and slightly overvalued TEs and QBs.

TE - I like waiting on TE this year too as I see plenty of starter options with upside through about the top 14 and plenty of upside backups through about the top 20 tight ends but more will emerge. Hunter Henry is crazy value, Eric Ebron has elite upside and Jack Doyle just may be undervalued in the Colts' offense.

Shawn Childs

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From: Cape Cod, MA

Early drafts are always interesting as many Fantasy owners are just getting a feel for the player pool and draft flow. If most drafters are like me, they are just trying to get a feel for where players get drafted. The first thing I noticed when looking at this first draft of the season is the three Seattle running backs drafted in the first eight rounds. The Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy because they want a power back to be part of the game plan a la the New England Patriots with LeGarrette Bount in 2016 and Marshawn Lynch in previous seasons. If this is the case, Thomas Rawls isn't worth a third round pick never mind buying C.J. Prosise in the sixth. At best, Rawls will be a drafted after the fifth round while Prosise is no more than an overpriced pass catching handcuff whose true value will be after round 12. I don't love Lacy, but there are 5.5 million reasons to get him the ball in 2017. His price point seems fair in the eighth round.

Adam Ronis

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I really like the pick of Mark Ingram as the 27th running back off the board. Ingram had 205 carries last season despite Tim Hightower cutting into his workload. The Saints have hovered around 400 rushing attempts the last three seasons, so even with Peterson seeing touches (assuming he stays healthy), Ingram can still get 180-200 carries. Ingram had 60 targets two years ago and 58 last season and Peterson won't be involved much in the passing game. Though the addition of rookie Alvin Kamara could lessen the targets for Ingram, Ingram can still catch 40 passes out of the backfield from Drew Brees. The Saints are one of the better offenses and there's a good chance Peterson isn't healthy for the whole season.

I don't like the pick of Cam Newton as the No. 7 quarterback off the board. I don't see him as a Top 10 QB, especially in a best ball format. He's not prolific as a passer and has been reliant on rushing yards and touchdowns. Newton had shoulder surgery on March 30 and it would make sense for Newton to run less to keep him healthy. He has one season of more than 25 touchdowns and has never reached 4,000 passing yards. Newton had only four games of multiple touchdown passes last season.

Dr. Roto

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From: Fort Meyers, FL

I love drafting in May. Not only do we see the first drafts of the Fantasy Football season, early drafts often provide HUGE value in places where you least expect it. When the season ended in December I was fully convinced that Chargers TE Hunter Henry was going to be a top 5 TE in 2017 and I still feel that way. Shockingly, the twelve owners who participated in the Draft-N-Go Kickoff did not agree with me. Guys like Coby Fleener and Kyle Rudolph went off the board much earlier than Henry who ended up being taken in 10.3 as the TE12!!!  Are you kidding me? I know Mike Williams is a stud and Keenan Allen Roto "should" be healthy this season, but I feel very confident that Henry is a mismatch against virtually every LB he faces and he should be dominant in the red zone. I can only hope I get this lucky in Las Vegas at the FFWC--hope to see you there!


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