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Daily Dr. Roto: All-Overvalued Team (National League Pitchers)

Abandon ship! Dr. Roto can appreciate a hot start, but for these National League pitchers, it just won't last! Trade them to another team before they return to Earth statistically.

Daily Dr. Roto — May 9, 2017

All Overvalued Team — NL Pitchers

While admittedly these guys have been tearing it up, I think that they have been playing well above their abilities, so now might be the perfect time to see what you can get for them in a trade. Remember the key to winning a Fantasy Baseball leagues is to buy low and sell high.

Ivan Nova — Much has been said and written about how good Nova has been since he came over to the Pirates from the Yankees last year. Pirates Pitching Coach Ray Searage has performed another miracle with Nova who has kept the ball down and his walks to a minimum (only three walks in 48 IP). That said, the Pirates have taken a beating losing Marte to a suspension and Taillon to testicular cancer. The hopes and dreams the Bucs had for making the playoffs most likely ended last week. If you can get good value on Nova, I would certainly consider moving him.

Lance Lynn — Lynn has looked sensational since his return from Tommy John surgery. People may have forgotten, but he was a good pitcher before the surgery, and his return has solidified the fact that he is in the upper echelon on NL starters. I am willing to admit that Lynn is good, but is he 2.04 ERA good? I am not so sure about that. His FIP is really high (4.12), so things tell me we might be seeing a bit of regression soon. Trade him now when his value is sky high.

Trevor Cahill — Dare I say that I look to Cahill as a potential DFS starter every time he is on the mound. He seems to throw 5-6 IP every time out and has even improved his K ratio (44 Ks in 35 IP). But let’s remember a few things: he has never pitched this well in his life, he pitches on a crappy team with a below average offense, and he is TREVOR CAHILL. Move him now in seasonal leagues.

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Mike Leake — Leake has a 1.79 ERA and a WHIP of 0.94. His career average ERA is 3.92, and his career average WHIP is 1.27. You do the math. It won’t be pretty for Leake in the second half. Move him ASAP.

Gio Gonzalez — Gio has been spectacular this season (except for his most recent outing where he gave up six runs), but I think that he will return to Earth soon. Moreover, his team and his name give him more trade value than most. People love the fact that Washington has one of the best offenses in the league. Plus there is always one guy in your league who had Gio in 2012, and he probably remembers that Gio helped him win a Fantasy championship. Find that guy and trade him Gio.

Tony Watson — Watson has been exceptional thus far in 2017, but the reason to move him is simple: it looks like the Pirates are going to fall out of playoff contention soon, and that means they might be seeking to trade off some of their bigger contracts at the trade deadline. There is no doubt in my mind that a contending team would love to have Watson. If this happens, my guess is that Watson goes to his new team as a setup man and not the closer which sinks his value quite a bit.

Greg Holland — Kudos to the Colorado Rockies for taking a chance on signing Holland in the offseason. They thought he would be able to return to form and he has done just that magnificently. At one time, I was worried that Adam Ottavino might be in line for the closer’s spot, but it is clear that Holland has cemented himself in the role (13 saves in 14 games played). If someone in your league needs a closer, you can easily move Holland — his value is higher than you could have ever expected.

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