Dr. Roto: Knowing When & When Not to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Dr. Roto discusses more Daily Fantasy Sports advice as he attempts to turn you into a DFS superstar. However, being a DFS stud means knowing when to cash out...

Daily Dr. Roto—May 18, 2017

I may get in trouble for writing this article, but I am willing to take the chance that it won’t happen. I know that I cover Fantasy Sports for a living and with that, I encourage people to play seasonal and DFS games as much as possible. But I am also here to tell you that it is okay to take a night off from DFS every once in awhile if need be.


I am a big believer in superstition, luck and hot streaks. For example, when I go to Las Vegas, if I am playing blackjack and I point to the table with my right finger to “hit” and I win a hand, I guarantee you that I will use that same finger for the next hand and so on, thinking it’s lucky for me to do so. In fact, I am so superstitious that I will probably do the very same thing on every hand until I lose. But at the same time, I know when to get up and leave the table. If I am at that same Blackjack table and the dealer pulls out a five-card “21” or if he flips a 5 with a 16 showing, I will pick myself up and head to another table hoping that my luck will change.

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This example is important for a reason: In tonight’s DFS slate, some of the worst pitchers that I have ever seen in my life are taking the mound. In fact, there are two pitchers (Dylan Covey and Sam Gaviglio) that I have barely ever heard of! The slate is so bad that on this morning’s Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio Show, Adam Ronis and I wondered out loud whether we should consider taking the night off.

Taking the night off can be a good thing. It can give you a night to clear your head and get away from DFS. It might also allow you to spend more time with your wife and kids and not worry so much about sweating your lineups. Even better, on occasion, not playing helps rejuvenate us into wanting to play much more the next night or two because we missed playing so badly the previous evening.

So to recap…If you are going to play tonight, I highly encourage you to read our articles at Scout Fantasy and use all the information provided on the premium message boards that are at your disposal. I also encourage you to check out our MLB Optimizer which is one of the greatest tools in the business and can help you set your lineup in mere seconds. But at the same time, if you choose not to play tonight because you hate the short slate and the “pig”pitchers, just know that I will support you and not blame you one bit. I will also be the first one to tell you that there is always tomorrow. Oh yeah, FanDuel and DraftKings have some great Friday night tournaments—reserve your entries now!

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