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Daily Dr. Roto: Exercise Patience, Grasshopper!

Don't rush to judgment! Give your Fantasy players time to breathe, blossom and grow into the players you dreamed they could become.

Daily Dr. Roto—June 6, 2017

Patience, Grasshopper!

After playing Fantasy Sports for over 25 years, I can tell you that the hardest thing for Fantasy owners to learn is patience. As mock GM’s who desperately want to see their teams soar to the highest points in the standings, Fantasy owners are often impatient with players who seem to be lacking in production at any given moment. However, patience might be singularly the MOST important attribute that a good Fantasy owner can possess.

For example, how many Fantasy owners do you think were impatient with Phillies OF Odubel Herrera? Herrera was an absolute disaster heading into June. As a matter of fact, his batting average on June 1 was a paltry .218. What made it worse was that Herrera was most likely a 5th or 6th round pick for most Fantasy owners and his preseason projections were expected to be .300/15/65/20. Two months into the season and Herrera, an OF2, is stinking up the joint. Shouldn’t he be cut?

I told everyone who listens to Scout Fantasy Sports on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio to do just the opposite. Not only did I tell everyone listening not to cut Herrera, I told everyone that he was a great buy low candidate. Why would I say such a thing? It was because I knew that he couldn’t keep producing at such a low level and that at some point he would begin to hit.

Resisting the urge not to cut Herrera might turn out to be critically important to your Fantasy season. In the month of June, Herrera has raised his average to .243, and he has 2 HR and 8 RBIs in less than a week. These are the numbers that were expected of such a talented young player.

Also worthy to note was that the Philadelphia Phillies were patient with Herrera as well. The easiest thing for the team to have done would have been to send Herrera back to the minors leagues to straighten himself out. However, instead of damaging Herrera’s confidence (possibly irreparably), they decided to let him work it out on the major league level. This move obviously paid off and showed Herrera that the team had confidence in him and his abilities. If the Phillies organization can be smart enough to leave Herrera in the majors to work out his hitting problems, shouldn’t Fantasy owners do the same?

Part of the thrill of Fantasy Sports lies in the instant gratification that owners receive when their teams are doing well. It is great to see our teams performing well and sitting high in the overall standings. But as in most things in life we know that the journey is the hardest thing to endure, and it is often more of a marathon than a sprint to reap the rewards in the end. Odubel Herrera will pay off for his Fantasy owners by the end of the season—but only to those owners who were smart enough to hold on to him when he was at his lowest point.

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