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Fantasy Baseball: Week 11 Player / Positional Rankings & SCOUTscores

Senior Fantasy Baseball Expert provides his Week 11 player rankings and SCOUTscores to help you DOMINATE your league!

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Scout Fantasy has developed a way to determine each player’s value within each category relevant to their production. Both pitchers and hitters each provide five categories in 5X5 Roto Fantasy Baseball leagues. 

The development of SCOUTscores started with the theory around "Average Player Scores." In today’s Fantasy Baseball market, it is extremely difficult to determine a baseball player’s value when drafting, especially because you need so many different positions, let alone the fact that there are multiple scoring categories. The "Average Player Theory" is a way to compare players at similar positions. Once we have a baseline of the average player, we can determine which players provide the biggest edge and positional value.

Our SCOUTscores can work with any projections to deliver results. This season, we did all the research on all 30 baseball teams. We then did our team profiles for each team's projections. With this information, we delivered preseason Scout rankings in addition to weekly rankings based on playing time and opportunity. If a player is projected to play in seven games, he’ll have a better chance to produce stats in the counting categories. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll have a higher score than a player with much higher skill set with five games.

Once we have each player's projections matched up with the SCOUTscore, we have a way to compare values of all players.  For this information to have more value, we really need to compare players who play the same position.

The bottom line here is that a Fantasy owner is trying to gain an edge with each of his first few picks in the draft while filling as many categories as possible. Each decision takes a Fantasy owner on a different path.

1B | 2B | SS | 3B | C | OF | SP | RP (PREMIUM ONLY)


1 Trea Turner 2B/SS/OF WAS 0.47
2 Charlie Blackmon OF COL 0.42
3 Mookie Betts OF BOS 0.38
4 Bryce Harper OF WAS 0.37
5 Kris Bryant 3B/OF CHC 0.26
6 Billy Hamilton OF CIN 0.24
7 Nelson Cruz OF SEA 0.19
8 Odubel Herrera OF PHI 0.17
9 George Springer OF HOU 0.16
10 Yoenis Cespedes OF NYM 0.14
11 Brett Gardner OF NYY 0.10
12 Ender Inciarte OF ATL 0.10
13 Jose Ramirez 2B/3B/OF CLE 0.09
14 Ian Desmond OF COL 0.09
15 J.D. Martinez OF DET 0.07
16 Andrew McCutchen OF PIT 0.07
17 Adam Jones OF BAL 0.06
18 Miguel Sano 3B/OF MIN 0.06
19 Carlos Gonzalez OF COL 0.05
20 Hernan Perez 3B/OF MIL 0.05
21 Kole Calhoun OF LAA 0.04
22 Jackie Bradley OF BOS 0.04
23 Michael Brantley OF CLE 0.04
24 Lorenzo Cain OF KC 0.03
25 Jose Peraza 2B/OF CIN 0.03
26 Mallex Smith OF TB 0.03
27 Byron Buxton OF MIN 0.02
28 Joc Pederson OF LAD 0.02
29 Gregory Polanco OF PIT 0.01
30 Rajai Davis OF OAK 0.00
31 Andrew Benintendi OF BOS -0.01
32 Matt Kemp OF ATL -0.01
33 Cameron Maybin OF LAA -0.01
34 Khris Davis OF OAK -0.01
35 Dexter Fowler OF STL -0.02
36 Hunter Pence OF SF -0.02
37 Aaron Altherr OF PHI -0.02
38 Melky Cabrera OF CWS -0.02
39 Giancarlo Stanton OF MIA -0.02
40 Brandon Belt 1B/OF SF -0.02

By using SCOUTscores, a Fantasy owner can easily see which players had the most value last season. It is really a tool that will help you when you are making future decisions. By understanding the player pool and each player’s value within each category, a Fantasy owner can make better draft decisions. Here’s a look at chart for both batters and pitchers to show power points gained or lost in each category within a league environment:

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