Tech Tuesday: The Griffin Twenty Digital Amp

Want a sleek package, smart design, and great sound? Look no further.

When it comes to audio equipment, you really only have two strategies when building a new system; power or simplicity. If you’re looking for a system that’ll thump bass so loud it’ll make your neighbors hate you, look elsewhere. If you want a clever, easy way to tune up your home stereo, the Griffin Twenty digital amp is your best bet.

Behind the sci-fi look of the thing, the Twenty is a very straightforward amp. Your existing stereo speakers and a subwoofer can be attached and those speakers can be used to beef up one of two inputs, either a wired optical input from your TV or game system or a wireless bluetooth input from smart phones or iPads or laptops or just about any device you can think of that might stream music. As a result, the Twenty becomes deceivingly versatile even without traditional RCA inputs...but what devices do you have that still use such ancient technology?

Performance-wise, the Twenty only pumps out 20 watts per channel, not much in the scheme of stereos. Yet it’s named for that twenty watts, so you know that Griffin isn’t professing to sell you a bone-rattling system. Instead, it’s a clear, quality sound with a decent amount of power for a dorm room, or even an average size apartment. Most of all, it looks damn cool. The blue light ring and touch sensitive controls are a welcome addition to the industrial design and looks great in a living room or bedroom, especially when compared to the hulking, square alternatives in the receiver space.

Easier than an iPod dock, but much cooler than a traditional receiver, the Griffin Twenty fills the space between for people who prefer looks and quality to all out power. That might not be for everyone but, for those who need a middle-ground solution, the Twenty is a top choice.

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