Game Review: TellTale’s "Game of Thrones"

"The Song of Ice and Fire" goes interactive in the TellTale game series. Winter is here!

TellTale Games are continuing on their greatest hits tour. After gaining huge acclaim for their video game handling of The Walking Dead and then following it up with the fable-inspired Wolf Among Us and twisting the story of Borderlands on its head, they’re now applying their formula to one of the most popular franchises going: Game of Thrones.

TellTale’s games aren’t your typical video games. There’s rarely an action-sequence and, when there is, it doesn’t require as much skill as you’d find in other games. Instead, TellTale’s games are more of an interactive storybook and that works well for the Game of Thrones series since the story is what has drawn in readers of the books and watchers of the show alike.

TellTale also realizes they shouldn’t mess with GRRM’s canon, and the Game of Thrones games they make focus on peripheral characters instead; namely, House Forrester, another family from the North like the Starks. It’s a smart move, and the game uses this house to great effect by weaving big characters like Tyrion Lannister and Margaery Tyrell into their story. Like the show, the action takes place across the lands of Westeros and, while it doesn’t exactly advance the plot we’ve been following on HBO, it does supplement it in a way that’s enjoyable for casual fans and a pure fix for anyone that’s been addicted to the show and itching for its fifth season to premiere in April.

Like all of TellTale’s games, Game of Thrones is being delivered in episodes across platforms, from next-gen consoles to your iPad or Android device. Episodes one and two are currently available with a total of six episodes planned for “season one” that will be coming out over the next few weeks. Hopefully that’s enough to tide us over until the show returns.

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