Tech Tuesday: File Transporter Private Cloud

This futuristic beauty from Connected Data not only looks great on your desk—it can also solve all your storage needs.

Face it. There are a ton of good reasons to use a cloud-based storage service. Media like pictures and movies clutter your computer’s hard drive, and local files can’t be accessed from the multitude of devices we all now carry, like smart phones and tablets. You could pay Apple for access to their iCloud, you could beg friends to hook you up with more storage on Dropbox, or you can snag a File Transporter and make your own personal cloud instead.

The File Transporter is a small device that hooks into your existing home network. (We preferred a wired connection for maximum stability, though a wifi version is available.) Once connected, you can install the software to access it on any of your computers, your phone or your tablet. From there, sharing files is as easy as dragging and dropping, and the Transporter will push those files out to your important devices. That means your files will reside safely on your own personal network, but can still be accessed from anywhere…just like a cloud is supposed to do. With the Transporter, however, you’re in control.

This high level of control may be Transporter’s best feature. Specific folders can be made, and permissions can be given, so that you can dictate who gets access to what. For example, if you want to share pictures from a night out with friends but you don’t want Facebook to get a hold of that picture of you double-fisting fireball shots, Transporter has you covered. The end result is that you can put together all the files you want, access them from anywhere, share them with yourself or your friends or, most importantly, have the option to keep them safe, secure and completely private. Convenience and security—that’s what File Transporter does. $229.99

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