Revealed: 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

The power and force of the all-new Indian Chief Dark Horse will make you want cruise the country and embrace your inner Eastwood.

The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse is the newest and most aggressive cruiser on the road. With a Thunder Stroke 111 engine, it is the lightest and fastest model in the Chief series. With its matte black paint, keyless ignition, and electric cruise control, the Chief Dark Horse makes even the bad and the ugly riders look good.

“While it shares the best traits with other models in the Chief platform, its signature matte black paint and minimalist profile give it an attitude unlike any other Indian motorcycle," said Indian Motorcycle Sr. Product Manager, Ben Lindaman. "We’re excited to unveil this new bike at an engaging price point for a full-size heavyweight American cruiser.”

Though built to be a solo rider, the Chief Dark Horse offers an optional passenger seat if you want to stampede through the streets with a companion. And if you really want to stand out, Indian will offer over 40 customized accessories starting this spring. Oh, and if you like to to hang 'em high, don't forget to purchase the gorilla handlebars. Priced at $16,999, you'll need a fistful of dollars to ride in style. Check it out!

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