Tech Tuesday: Olloclip iPhone Lenses

Take a break from the selfies and turn your iPhone into a highly versatile telephoto camera. Oh, snap!

Chances are, you haven’t been carrying a point-and-shoot camera around lately. As heavy-duty interchangeable lens DSLR cameras have come down in price, and smartphone cameras have beefed up, there are very few occasions when an in-between camera is necessary. Continuing to squeeze out the point-and-shoots is Olloclip, making your iPhone’s camera even more versatile.

Olloclip sets out to upgrade your iPhone’s existing camera by adding new lenses into the fray. Their strategy is to add clip-on lenses that turn the already-great lens in your iPhone 6 and 6+ into macro and telephoto-capable versions of themselves. That means your iPhone can now take super-zoomed pics of objects right in front of you, or super zoomed pics of objects really far away. The former, made possible by Olloclips macro lens attachment, is a novelty that wears off quickly after a few shots of your fingerprints or the ridges of a quarter make that “whoa man” feeling wash over you. It’s the latter that makes the Olloclips really special, since the simple attachment suddenly makes your iPhone 6 an awesome camera for shooting pictures of sports…even if you’re in the nosebleed section.

The pair of lenses are a clean solution, made out of plastic with caps that are lightweight and easy to toss in your pocket without drawing too much attention at the security pat down of a stadium entrance. A quick click into place on the top of your phone, and the new lens sits securely on top of the iPhone’s existing camera—no bulky case required. They function via the built-in iOS Camera app and work just the same whether you’re using macro or telephoto; just tap for a focus-point and snap away, so the next time you hit the ballpark, you can actually walk out with some great pictures.

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